Live Updates

03/10/2022 08:50:29
KO : 15:00 v
The game ends |1-1
87' Goal Alloa. McIver the scorer |1-1
86' Hendrie shoots from outside the box but Alloas keeper pulls a spectacular save again. |1-0
84' Gibson (QOS) is booked for wasting time. |1-0
81' Queens continue to dominate the ball. |1-0
78' Devine (Alloa) is booked. |1-0
75' Queens break on the counter from an Alloa corner but Paton fails to hit the target after the fantastic move. |1-0
65' SUBSTITUTION Alloa: Cawley OFF REPLACED BY King |1-0
61' SUBSTITUTION Alloa: O’Donnell OFF REPLACED BY Church |1-0
61' SUBSTITUTION Alloa: Offord OFF REPLACED BY Donnelly |1-0
60' SUBSTITUTION Alloa: Salmon OFF REPLACED BY Rodden |1-0
59' O’Donnell (Alloa) is booked. |1-0
58' McGrory wins the ball back and plays a great ball through to Paton, who hits the post. |1-0
Second half begins |1-0
Half Time Apologies for the issues with the times on the updates. It`s half time and Queens lead 1-0 through Gavin Reilly. Updates should be back to normal for the second half |1-0
First half ends |1-0
First half ends |1-0
42' GOAL QUEENS! Reilly the scorer, Hendrie plays a beautiful ball over the Alloa defence for Reilly to calmly finish. |1-0
37' Hendrie plays a ball across the face of the goal but the Alloa keeper excellently denies Paton. |0-0
35' Todd makes a good run down the left hand side for Queens however Paton’s shot is straight at the keeper. |0-0
31' Queens win the ball back and counter, Patons shot is blocked, corner Queens. |0-0
65' Chance Queens, McGrory sets the ball back for Todd on the edge of the box, but his shot is fired over the bar. |0-0
First half begins |0-0
First half begins |0-0
First half begins |0-0
Pre-match Queens subs: 1.Currie 3.Quitongo 6.Cochrane 10.Connelly 11.Murray 19.Ruth 20.Irving 22.Bange 27.Gibson
Pre-match Queens starting lineup: 13.Fox 2.McKay 4.Wilson 7.Paton 8.Todd (C) 9.Reilly 12.McKenna 15.Mcgrory 16.East 17.Hendrie 33.Gibson
Pre-match Alloa subs: 1.Muir 3.Church 4.Howie 5.Graham 9.Donnelly 10.Rodden 11.Miller 16.King 19.Buchanan
Pre-match Alloa starting lineup: 31.Hogarth 2.Taggart (C) 7.Cawley 8.Robertson 12.Scougall 14.Stanger 15.McIver 18.Salmon 20.O’Donnell 23.Devine 25.Offord