We have launched a live streaming service, QOSTV LIVE


  • CAMERA FOOTAGE - we will be filming games using our own cameraman, who has been responsible for the excellent highlight packages on QOSTV for several seasons. A Pixellot camera has been installed at Palmerston but will not be used for our streaming or highlights services.
  • STREAMING PLATFORM - we have joined up with the service behind ParsTV to share resources and knowledge while setting up a streaming service. This has allowed the club to access a streaming platform that has been in use for several seasons
  • COMMENTARY - it is our intention to provide commentary for the live streamed games. However, this is still to be fully tested, so is subject to change. We hope to have an update on this in the near future
  • SEASON TICKET HOLDERS - season ticket holders resident in the UK (EXCEPT Junior Blues) will automatically get access to live streams of all home league games. Details on how to access will be communicated nearer the start of the season. The process for accessing league games will be different to the process for accessing Betfred Games.
  • UK BASED FANS - live streams will be available on a Pay Per View basis to UK based Queens fans and fans of away clubs, for just £10 per game. 
  • OVERSEAS FANS - fans outside of the UK will be able to purchase streams on an individual Pay Per View basis, for just £10 per game. 
  • AWAY GAMES - only the home clubs are allowed to live stream matches, so any Queens fan wishing to watch away games will need to purchase the stream from the home club. We will do all we can to help promote other clubs streaming services to Queens fans
  • BETFRED CUP HOME GAMES - the SPFL have confirmed that PPV will also be available for the Betfred Cup games and we intend to provide a live stream for both home games. These games will not be included on the season ticket, so all fans will need to purchase a PPV subscription for £10 per game.
  • STREAM AVAILABILITY - the SPFL have updated their rules to allow domestic streaming while crowd restrictions are in place. This means that even if some crowds are allowed back into grounds we will still be able to provide live streams until such time as all restrictions are lifted. At this time, overseas streaming will still be allowed and whether or not to continue offering this to fans will be decided at the time.


  • HIGHLIGHTS - match highlights will continue to be produce, free of charge, on our QOSTV YouTube channel.