Policies, Procedures and Regulations

This section contains the clubs policies, procedures and regulations, as per the National Club License scheme.

Ground Regulations

At a recent meeting of First Division Clubs, the Scottish Football League reminded all member clubs of the need to consistently apply Ground Regulations - particularly in respect of patrons filming and/or photographing matches. Please be advised that unless undertaken by an agent approved/accredited by the club office, such activity is in breach of copyright and is therefore prohibited. For reference, a copy of the Ground Regulations is on display at the ground and can also be found at the link below. The club would like to thank all patrons for their assistance by adhering to the Ground Regulations.

The Board of Directors,
Queen of the South Football Club

SFA/SFL Ground Regulations

Supporters Charter 2015

Spectators Safety Policy 2015

Less Abled Supporters Policy 2015

Health and Safety Policy (inc First Aid) 2015

Policy on Unacceptable Conduct 2015

Club Codes of Conduct 2015

Charity and Fundraising Policy 2015

Anti-discrimination Policy 2015