AJ Post Match Reaction

Speaking after the defeat at Morton yesterday Manager Allan Johnston said “Unlucky isn’t good enough at this stage of the season, this is a game we should be winning. The first half was fairly even and they get the first goal. It looked like a clear free-kick on James Maxwell, the boy has shoulder charged him, free-kicks have been given all day for that so I don’t understand how a free kick wasn’t given but then after that we have to show a better reaction. Rohan has two saves before it eventually goes into the back of the net so we have to get to the ball quicker and stop shots and that proved to be the defining moment obviously”.

“Tommy’s one in the first half that was given offside – happens sometimes but second half we played a lot better, the keeper has made a great save from Aidan Fitzpatrick, we’ve hit the post and the bar with a free-kick so there was a lot of positives in the second half but still the same fragilities as well losing a goal”.

“Tommy is still learning and he is desperate to do well hopefully he can start putting pressure on the other strikers and start getting us a couple of goals because it is a team game and we need everybody playing their part if we are to start climbing up the table”.

“It’s a major blow to see Dobs coming off with his hamstring, he says the last couple of Decembers he seems to pick up hamstring injuries and that is maybe down to the change in the surface, the park was really heavy it was a ball over the top and he went to sprint and he felt it”.

“We are bottom of the league and it’s not good enough. We need to start getting results quickly, we all know that the position we are in isn’t acceptable and we need to get results before we start running out of games”.