QOSTV Update - Important Information for Season Ticket Holders

With the first home league game just over a week away we can now confirm how season ticket holders will access the live streams that are included as part of their ticket.

The streams will be hosted on the same site as the cup PPV games - https://live.qosfc.com

Under the "Season Ticket Access" section of the homepage there are now two boxes - Customer Number and Postcode.

To access the next home stream, season ticket holders should enter the Customer Number from their season ticket, the postcode given when the season ticket was purchased, then click the "View Next Match" button. This will always take you to the next home match.

If you are a season ticket holder and registered an email address to watch the Betfred Cup games, you do not need to use this email or connect the email to your season ticket. 

Non-season ticket holders can still purchase home league games in the same way as the Betfred Cup games. For them, existing email logins will continue to work.

NOTE - if you are a season ticket holder and you login with an email address the system will ask you to pay for access to league games. Please do not do this, only login with your Customer Number and Postcode.

We would encourage season ticket holders to please try and login to the site to ensure we have the correct postcode on file. If you login and see the page for the Raith Rovers game and the message "Set up occurs on the morning of the day of the match" then you have successfully logged in and can follow the same process on match days to view the live streams.

If you see the message "We have been unable to validate your Season Ticket." or you are not sure which email address the club holds against your season ticket, please contact us via Live Chat or email [email protected]

Similarly, if you purchased more than one season ticket online and wish to have one of those associated with a different postcode, please contact us.

As well as setting up the season ticket logins we have been working hard since Tuesday to investigate the issues that affected the Partick Thistle stream. We're confident we've identified the issue with the hardware and have purchased an upgrade which will be available for the Raith Rovers game, as well reviewing our match day processes to reduce the risk of this happening again. The issues were particularly frustrating as they were caused by a part of the system that had been well tested and had shown no signs of causing any issues. We'd like to apologies for the interuptions on Tuesday night and assure everyone we're doing everything we can to fix them and provide a stable and quality stream for everyone.

Remember, only home streams are available from QOSTV LIVE. PPV tickets are now available to purchase for the Raith Rovers game on Saturday 24th October. If you want to watch this weekends Ayr Utd game, that can be purchased from Ayrs streaming platform - AUmedia