SPFL Resolution

Following on from the statement made yesterday regarding the suggestions made by the SPFL Board we would like to place on record that as the Board of Queen of the South FC we have voted in favour of the resolution.

In these uncertain times we feel that Scottish football needs some certainty and that is one of the key reasons for us voting yes.

The football authorities have today confirmed that following Scottish Government guidelines there will be no football played before the 10th of June and there is a feeling that it is highly likely that the current restrictions will be extended beyond that date.  Which we believe leaves it impossible to finish the 2019/20 season.

Clubs across Scotland are under pressure financially and in order to receive the balance owed to them they need the season to finish.  We fully understand that it will not be a suitable outcome for every club across the Country but we can’t continue in a state of limbo and feel that voting in favour of the proposals made by the SPFL board is the best outcome we are going to get.

We hope the resolution will be passed and we can have some stability that will allow us to move on and start preparing for the future.