Club Update

The SPFL have today issued a resolution to its 42 Member Clubs recommending that they approve the immediate termination of Season 2019/20 for the Ladbrokes Championship, League 1 and League 2, without the remaining fixtures in the League being played.  All play-off competitions would be cancelled and the final season placings would be determined by the number of points per game earned by each club in the matches they have played.

To pass, the vote would require 75% of clubs to vote in favour. Clubs have unti 5pm on Friday to cast their vote.

Following the meeting Queens Chairman Billy Hewitson said “I took part in today’s Championship video conference call and will now discuss the proposed resolution with the other directors before casting our vote”.

“It’s a difficult situation and there will be winners and losers.  Clubs are offering different options but I think the SPFL Board have done as good a job as they can.  I think we have reached the stage where the majority of clubs will want the season finished so they can get the balance of the money they are owed.  The money can’t be paid until the leagues finished and Clubs need to start planning for the future”. 

“We have been given no in indication of when football will return – all we can do is follow Government guidelines; at the moment that is 13 weeks which takes us to the middle of June but there is no guarantee what will happen after that.  For now all our staff and players have been furloughed until further notice”. 

The SPFL Board plans also contain a commitment to consult on league re-structuring in time for season 2020-21.