Ayr United Away Ticketing System - REMINDER

A reminder to supporters travelling to Ayr tomorrow that Ayr United now use scanned bar coded tickets for entry to their matches for both home and away supporters and these tickets should, as far as possible, be purchased online in advance. Whilst it will be possible to buy tickets from their club shop on the day (cash only), if everyone does so then long queues are likely to ensue as several hundred Queens fans are expected to travel. If you are able to do so please purchase in advance at the link below. If buying through Ayr United's website please make sure you purchase "AWAY" tickets and not for the home sections.


"As some supporters may be aware, Ayr United have moved to a new system of access to Somerset Park for both home and away supporters. This will affect our imminent trip to Ayr on August 24th. Turnstiles are now automated and entry will require either a bar code or a QR Code. No cash will be taken at the turnstiles on the day, just as no cash is taken at our own turnstiles directly at Palmerston these days.

It will be possible to purchase a match ticket including a bar code from the club shop outside Somerset Park on match day but experience so far suggests that queues will be long for people intending to do so and if you do intend to purchase at Somerset Park we recommend you arriving in plenty of time to allow for queueing.

If you possibly can do you should purchase your ticket online direct from Ayr United on the following link:


We are assured you will be sent a confirmation email with a code on it which can either be printed out or simply stored on your phone for use on the day. Apparently the code can be scanned directly from your phone.

Please note - There are NO AYR UNITED TICKETS for sale at Palmerston. These must be purchased direct from Ayr United, either in advance online or on the day from the Ayr Club Shop."