Seagull Problems

Following our game against Motherwell on Saturday we received a number of complaints regarding the seagulls at Palmerston.

We are well aware of the issues and although it is pretty much an impossible task, we have tried various things to try to eradicate the problem.   Our groundsman, Kevin and others were at the ground until 2330 on Friday night trying to keep them off the park as they roost on it causing all sorts of problems. 

It is very disheartening for everyone as many people gave up there time on Sunday 30th of June to come in to help with the Palmerston tidy up, which involved the cleaning of seats (as you can see from the picture taken on the day).  Unfortunately with the number of seagulls that have taken up residency, the hard work carried out that day has been undone. 

Football grounds are a great attraction for them and we have already tried playing birds of prey noises over the sound system as well as flying bird of prey kites above the stands but they eventually get wise and come back. 

With the games starting early the club has been horribly stretched in the last week or so, as the reserve squad aren't back yet, staff are on holiday and maternity leave.  We have had kit and tickets to print as well as covering the office and shop as well as getting a game with a decent sized crowd on so we would be grateful if you can bare with us and use the litter bins provided and hopefully it will not be too long before the seagulls move on. 

We will continue to pursue other ways to deter them.