QOS Board statement

From the Board of Directors ...

Today QOS attended the SFL meeting in Glasgow to vote on Rangers Newco being allowed into Scottish League Division 1.

As I am sure you are now aware the vote was 25 against and 5 for, therefore Rangers Newco will enter Scottish League Division 3. The board of QOS considered all options open to them but always ensuring that the best interests of the club and Scottish football in general would be best served. Before casting our vote we listened to final positions from SFA and Rangers Newco and decided that it was in the best interests of all to vote in favour of Rangers Newco entering Scottish League Division 1, which also included the “heads of terms” for the re structure of Scottish football. Further information about the reasoning behind this decision will be given in due course.

This was not a decision taken lightly by the board and one which they felt best protected their shareholders and the club. As you will see in the soon to be published accounts, we for the first time in a number of years will show a profit which is a fantastic turnaround from where we were. We could have taken the view to vote no and just followed others but we voted with the clubs interests at heart.

Now the decision is in favour of not allowing Rangers Newco into Scottish League Division 1 we will support the democratic decision of the other member clubs.
We await a response from the SFA to today’s decision.

Board of Directors QOS