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Welcome to the blog. Over the coming months I very much look forward to communicating with you on the progress being made at the club. The blog is set up to allow the fans to hear it first from the club and not in bars and clubs around the town. We as Directors are the first to put our hands up and say that communications last year left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this is a small step in rectifying the situation. As I have mentioned on public websites I am more than happy to take questions and will at all times endeavour to answer them but, you must understand that some matters have to remain confidential and stay in the board room until such times as they have been confirmed.

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Mark Robertson - Director QOS

New Season - To blog or not to blog?
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 04/06/2012 17:28:00
New Season
As the new season gets closer the more excited we become. After last years disappointment there is a real air of optimism around the place and with the New Manager, we have high hopes. I personally learned a lot from last season as to how professional football works and will certainly not make the same mistakes again. As a board we have not decided as yet if we will continue with the Board Blog. We receive a great deal of helpful feedback from it and it keeps us in touch with the fans. Unfortunately it does expose you to some abuse from some sections, but my view is , why let a few spoil it for the many. If a few think they will stop me or the Board from taking the tough decisions they obviously don’t know us. I welcome your comment on whether you find it useful and indeed wish for it to continue.

Playing Surface
As you are aware the playing surface is under re construction. Kevin & Jordan received a bit of stick last year for the playing surface but to be fair to the guys we had not spent any major money on the pitch for a few years. The new drainage and the sprinkler system will help tremendously but will take some time to settle down. This will mean that all pre season friendlies will be played away from Palmerston to allow the pitch the maximum time to recover.

Palmerston Clean Up
Dumfries High School has kindly Supplied 140 kids to do a major clean up job at Palmerston on the 21st June and the 28th June (TBC). The plan would be start around 1.30pm on both days and be finished by 4pm. If anyone would like to get involved please feel free to come along and help out. We can never do enough cleaning and painting on a ground the size of Palmerston. It’s like the Forth Road Bridge. When you finish at one end you just start again at the other. Come along and help out your local club. Look forward to seeing you there.

Season Tickets
Season tickets now on sale from the main office. Please remember that the main office hours are 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday. Alternatively you can buy on line or write in. As always your support is much appreciated.

We are now in a position to announce our youth / reserve set up for next year. We plan to have 4 teams;
Under 14’s
Under 16/17’s
Under 19’s
Reserve team.

Unfortunately we have had to cut back on a few teams this year as we did not have all of the resources required by the SFA to qualify for full funding. We are not alone in this , as many teams have cut back their set ups also. Our head of youths , Andy Irvine will be in touch with parents to discuss the way forward. Meeting will also be set up at Palmerston to go through in more detail.

I look forward to your comments on the continuation of the Blog.
04/06/2012 17:46:00
Willie Pool
04/06/2012 17:47:00
Mark As a fan of 30+ years I am happy with the blog as it gives us some information which is better than none which is what we are used to under old regimes. As an expat who has worked abroad since that cup final it is good for me to keep up to date with the club and get more than a reporters view of what is going on, or the rumours that are generated by others not 'fully in the picture'. As you say, it is stupid that a few could spoil it for the majority and as you have also said you have had a couple of good ideas from the fans, if you lose the blog you may also miss that diamond idea that helps team and fans alike. I too am optimistic for next season, when I was in the forces I watched Magic at Roker and Stadium of Light, he was an inspiration on the pitch and I just hope he can carry that off into management. Sad news about the youth teams not all being allowed, what resources were missing and is it something we can put right with more finances or is there a lot more to it then that? Not sure if I will get to any pre-season friendlies this year, due to work but am already anticipating the league fixtures and cup draws coming out to see when I will be able to see my beloved Queens, 'Mon the South.
Hi Wullie. To meet all the SFA criteria for youths would have bejond our means next year therefore we had to cut our cloth to suit.
nathan maxwell
04/06/2012 18:03:00
Would like to see the blog continue, it's a breath of fresh air for us fans to communicate with a board member. It's also nice to know we get listened to so please continue. Just wondering, the pupils of DHS who are turning up for the clean up. Would it be possible for the club to give them an incentive to come to Palmerston? I don't know if a season ticket would be viable for the club? Like always said hopefully these kids are future supporters of the club, it'd be nice to encourage them, their pals and there parents with coming next year, hopefully to watch a title winning side Looking forward to new signings in coming weeks hopefully. Mon the South
Hi Nathan. Will see what we can do.
Alex Wilson
04/06/2012 19:10:00
I too, hope to see the Blog continuing.
David Henderson
04/06/2012 19:56:00
In times of trouble the worst thing people do is stop talking to each other. So, communication, communication, communication! There will always be the hecklers and you probably get the jist of a post like that fairly quick. When that happens, stop reading and move on to the next post. I would hope that for every heckler post there will be the majority which will make you think this worthwhile. Mon the Queens!!
len patterson
04/06/2012 20:19:00
hi mark would like to say what a pleasure it was talking to you today when i popped in to renew my season ticket . i hope the blog continues it keeps us fans in touch and your obvious enthusiasm can only be good for the club
john graham
04/06/2012 21:17:00
iwould the blog to continue as it keeps us informed and up to date with all the club news and all the best in division 2 Mon the Queens
04/06/2012 23:00:00
I was thinking wouldnt it be an idea fir the clean up too ask the rest of the high schools in dfs to get inv. Involved??? A would like the blog to continue as it helps t the fans to communicate with the board, and also about season tickets I heard that last season ayr gave out 1000 free season tickets to primary children, it woulf be an idea to do that because if u get some come there parents would probs come aswell so it would add more to the gate
Hi Jack. We constantly give free tickets to the local school.
Ian Atkins
05/06/2012 07:59:00
Keep the blog going.
Sandy Douglas
05/06/2012 10:40:00
So sad to hear of the passing of Bobby Black. He was one of the stars of the team I watched regularly in my youth - a very tricky right-winger who helped the team to the top of Division 1 until Christmas one season. He should have played for Scotland but there were too many good wingers at that time. Thanks for the enjoyment, Bobby and may you rest in peace.
Sandy Douglas
05/06/2012 10:46:00
You must keep the blog going - it is a great way for supporters like me in the south of England to keep up with what is going on at Palmerston. Ignore any rude messages, they will soon get fed up. Encourage the positive ones and in 10 months' time everyone will be celebrating the return to Division 1!
John McGonigle
05/06/2012 11:07:00
What's the point of continuing with the blog, when all you ever do is feed us waffle?
Hi John. Sorry you feel that way.
Peter Taylor
05/06/2012 11:49:00
I would like the blog to continue as i can get imfo i think its great.I will be over in september hoping to get to a few games. In my school days we had to bag school to remove snow from the field. I also remember Bobby Black in the fifties deepest simpathy to all his family. Cheers Mark keep it going.c,mon the South.
05/06/2012 13:53:00
Keep the blog going Mark , There`s always idiots trying to spoil thing in every walk of life, The blogs a great way to keep up to date whats going on at Palmerston
Robert Piercy
05/06/2012 16:20:00
The blog should continue as it is an excellent way of communicating with the club!!
Kevin Hunter
05/06/2012 17:42:00
Without a doubt keep the blog going. It is great to have a line of communication with the board. Don't let a few keyboard warriers spoil it!
John Allison
05/06/2012 19:05:00
Hi Mark, the blog has been an excellent idea and a good means of communication with the fans....keep it going......there'll always be those who abuse the opportunity to contribute but that's rgds
Ali Cronie
05/06/2012 22:11:00
Keep the blog going Mark it is great for the fans to know whats going on at palmerston
Fraser Agnew
06/06/2012 09:41:00
Keep the blog going without doubt. As we saw last month the Blog is a quick way to communicate with the board and get problems resolved e.g. Student season tickets. Would be good to hear from you and also other directors on the blog, and I think it's a good way for the fans to get to know what the directors think. It also allows fans to take a step back and see things from a different perspective! Hope to see the team beginning to take shape sooner rather than later with some new signings in the next month and looking forward to next season!
Ian A.L.Walker
06/06/2012 11:31:00
Deat Mark. You must keep the blog going. Like some others who have commented, I live away from Dumfries in Cheshire but your blog does help us to keep in touch on a fairly regular basis and lets us know what is really happening in and around the club. I am now in my seventies, have supported Queens since the wonderful days of the late fifties and only get up to Palmerston rarely so any news is always welcome. Looking forward to an exciting season and here's hoping we can go straight back up to where we rightly belong! Regards Ian Walker
D Fortune
06/06/2012 12:00:00
The board blog has been a good innovation. It gives the fans a broader perspective on what's going on at the club and allows a better dialogue. The occasional abusive comment unfortunately is unavoidable but shouldn't be a reason to stop. Looking forward to the new season.
Paul Pearson
06/06/2012 13:02:00
Mark, the blog should be kept going. Perhaps as a further accountability step, the home address of the submitters also should be submitted.It might make people think twice about an off the cuff remark. Of course people can abuse this but once you find out a false name and address has been supplied for a persistent abuser it might be possible to ban the recurring offenders. Also it could be a good marketing tool as you will build up a database of supporters. Keep the dialogue open I say. Never known a relegation to be so positive. Here hoping the progress continues on and off the pitch.
Eric Fisher
06/06/2012 13:09:00
Keep the Blog going and ignore the negative low life that unfortunately lurk behind their keyboards. The Queens MAD Message Board is over 10 years old now and has survived all manner of abuse. The best of luck for the new season. - Queen's most popular Unofficial Fans Website
Alan Smith
06/06/2012 14:13:00
Mark , I can imagine how irritating it must be when some idiot posts malicious quote a business can't educate pork ! The vast majority of posters have only the good of the club at heart so please keep up the good work.
Brian Murphy
07/06/2012 10:57:00
Hi Mark, The blog should be kept in place as it gives us fans a view into what is happening at Palmerston,ignore the negative stuff and rise above these wasters who post such rubbish. Onward and upward come on the South keep up the good work.
07/06/2012 11:01:00
Hi Mark , I agree with the majority of people above . This blog must continue . I couldn't help notice that at the end of the season you had presentations for Davie Rae , Eric Moffat and even the cleaner but there wasn't one for the kit man & club historian Ian Black . I find this rather strange . We had the pleasure of a guided tour round Palmerston last year and thanks to him felt extremely welcome . I learned more that day than I have in my 30 odd years supporting Queens . Also , why is the OS so late in being updated ? Most of us knew Clark & McGuffie had signed at last 4 days before it was officially announced .
Hi Scott. Ian is welcome at Palmerston at any time and always will be. As far as the OS being late is concerned, we will not post until the players are registered at the SFA. Unfortunately Twitter and Facebook are quicker but not always correct!!!!
Stewart Johnstone
07/06/2012 14:18:00
Hi, first time I've seen the blog. Excellent You may find this a strange question but who is our new manager? I live in Suffolk & travel up to palmerston at least 3 times a year to see my family & make sure you are playing at home always been a lifetime fan of Queens for over 60 years & the highlight was Hampden for both semi & final.Look forward to more!!!! Last game I watched was beating Ayr 2-1 which gave us hope!!! Good luck for the new season!!!
Hi Stewart. Allan Johnston is the New Manager.
Kevin Donnelly
07/06/2012 19:39:00
Mark, You must keep the blog going to keep open all possible channels of communication with the fans. You can't please all the people all the time. Brendan Rodgers in his first press conference as Liverpool manager said that there would be a section of any crowd that was always unhappy. When he dropped that pearl of wisdom I had to go and check his cv to see if it included a stint at Palmerston! Like many who rely on the website to keep in contact with events, the blog has been informative and with a new manager and hopefully a new attitude in the way we play football, I am sure you will have lots to blog about. We have to approach the new season in a positive vein. Up the South!!!
Stephen Taylor
07/06/2012 19:47:00
I appreciate the blog and hearing imformation from the 'horses mouth' as they say. It's an important part of a doonhamers life this club,and I must say I am looking forward to the new season and hopefully it will be sucessful for us all.
Eric Fisher
08/06/2012 09:59:00
Willie Gibson is an excellent signing and well done Queens. Some people question his attitude but I like players with grit and I'm sure Allan and Sandy will channel Gibson's aggression in the right dircetion.
brian irving
08/06/2012 16:15:00
i would like to see blog continue mark also the signing of willie gibson is defo a step in the right direction along with patrick from the youth set up good times ahead
08/06/2012 17:25:00
Course the blog should keep going. At the risk of sounding like one of Brendan rogers last group at the first sign of some stick you want to stop blogging if our team did the same we would get nowhere. Come on people should be able to voice any opinion free speech and all that been a queens man for 50+ years this is the first time in my time anyone from the board had front enough to speak to the punters keep it going or not your decision but if not will tar this board with the rest so keep it up.
Hi Cully. Who said they wanted to stop? I will only Blog if the fans think it is useful and by the amount of response to the question it is a “Yes”
Garry Taylor
09/06/2012 11:04:00
Pre-Season friendlies - hopefully Queens can send a team up to Sanquhar this year. The Sanquhar supporters spent a reasonable amount of money on a Jim Kerr Memorial Trophy for an annual match between Nithsdale Wanderers and QOS. Last year the manager was appointed late and therefore could not fit it in. This would be an opportunity for youngsters to mix with a few experienced pros in what is Queens original Derby match (1922)
10/06/2012 10:16:00
Hi Mark It was a great move by the board to start the blog we know somethings have got to stop in the boardroom but its still a great way to communicate with the fans like anything in life you have to take the rough with the smooth so keep it going
Hi Brian. As we are not in that division we have remained silent on the matter but, if and when we are asked officially for our response you and the rest of the fans can rest assured we will do what is best for QOS and Scottish football in general. Mark R
10/06/2012 22:10:00
I think that 95% of the comments are Mark I think it is important you keep this link with the fans - the obvious abusive ones should just be ignored because they do not have the interests of the club at heart
John Howieson
13/06/2012 08:57:00
Hi Mark. Where have the older blog posts and replies gone? I was away for a while, and when I came back I couldn't find replies that hadn't yet been given by the time I went away! I think the blog is really good, and I'm looking forward to its continuing. Also, I'm really impressed with the way things have gone so far since the new board took over (no criticism of Davie Rae - a great man), and I'm looking forward to next season.
Hi John. Answers are there underneath the appropriate blog. Mark R
brian irving
17/06/2012 12:15:00
hi mark i was wondering what ypur and queens take on the report in the daily record about the rangers possibly given a spot in div 1 ?
Hi Brian. As we are not in that division we have remained silent on the matter but, if and when we are asked officially for our response you and the rest of the fans can rest assured we will do what is best for QOS and Scottish football in general. Mark R
17/06/2012 23:04:00
Hi Mark. Was wondering if the club would be starting to keep the fans updated on how the younger age groups perform in their games i.e under 14`s/16`s think its good to know how the younger levels are doing and it just seems that they represent the club and nobody seems to make the effort to put results etc on the website even to say where and when the fixtures are taking place would be a start
Hi Colin. We do update the website on a regular basis. I will discuss with Andy Irvine and see what we can do to improve.
ian m
21/06/2012 10:16:00
is there any local childrens charity/organisations that i could donate 2 junior blue tickets children have grown up and i would like to give the chance of coming to palmerston to some kids who may otherwise not get the chance.
Hi Ian. Lovely gesture and much appreciated. If you are local come along and have a coffee and we can discuss. If not contact me at the club and we can discuss over the phone. Thanks, Mark R
Eric Fisher
21/06/2012 12:07:00
What I would like to see but probably will never happen is that we design a Playing strip which is unique to us and is instantly recognisable as Queen's colours. Celtic,Airdrie,Arsenal,Blackburn,Motherwell,Croatia and Barcelona etc. immediately spring to mind.
Hi Eric (my second wife) anything is possible but at a cost. When we recently signed the new contract with Joma, I asked to design the shirt rather than stick to same type of design. I was quickly put back in my box when we discussed cost. Unfortunately it is way beyond our means at present but never say never. Mark R
26/06/2012 13:29:00
If Queens vote in favour of Rangers being admitted to the First Division, i will not put another penny into the club for as long as i live. I know the majority of Queens fans feel as strongly as i do and i hope you will take on board our concerns.
Hi Iain. We as a Board hear loud and clear how our fans feel and rest assured we will do the right thing. I see what some people write about and as to where my loyalties are. Do not listen to these people (could think of stronger words but they are not worth it) the true fans know that we will always protect QOS even if it means having to make tough decisions. Mark R
Bryce Kelly
26/06/2012 20:34:00
Don't know if this has been discussed previously or not BUT I know of some parents with children who find it cost prohibitive in the current economic climate to attend Palmerston with their kids. Would it not be feasible to accomodate such parents and children at an admission fee that would allow them to attend. Thus by getting the kids in with parents would hopefully get the kids into going to the football and ending up lifelong QOS supporters.
Hi Bryce. Nice to hear from you. We do have some a deal for a family day entrance albeit not at a great reduction. Having said that a Junior Blue season ticket at £18 is excellent value I hope you would agree. Mark R
27/06/2012 08:21:00
Hi Mark. Will the club be canvassing fans opinion on an application by sevco to the SFL in the same way that some other SFL clubs are doing? My own opinion is that any application to enter the SFL should be based on its merits and that the only place to enter the leagues is in the bottom division. Otherwise it does an injustice to every other club which has served their time and worked their way into the position they now occupy.
Hi James. We have decided as a board that we will remain silent on the point until such times as we feel we have a valuable contribution to make. As above, when we do it will be with our best interests and that of Scottish football at heart. Mark R
Val Burnie
27/06/2012 16:22:00
Hi Mark. I would like to make a comment on the admission prices. Firstly, I agree that £15 is a fair price for pay at the gate however, free entry for all disabled + carer? Let me make it clear, I have no objection to anyone who is legitimately entitled taking advantage of this offer but I know several disabled people that work full time and are more than able (and quite willing)to pay the £15. I know of no other club in the SFL that does the same thing.
Mark Brown
27/06/2012 21:02:00
Hi Mark. My son and I have renewed our season tickets and are looking forward to a very positive new season. I just wanted to register my desire that any newco enter division 3 and not SFL1 as has been mooted. I've read your comments above and don't expect a reply because of the board's decision to keep quite for the time being, but wanted to let you know how at least 2 Queens fans feel.
David Templeman
28/06/2012 22:24:00
Hi Mark, Thoroughly looking forward to the new season. I would just like to add my belief that any newco Rangers must apply to play in the Scottish Third Division. I have no axe to grind, my dad was a big Rangers fan. I am sure that a newco Rangers would be chosen to enter SFL3. I just feel that they should be treated exactly as any other club would in the same situation. That is the only way the integrity of the game can be upheld.
Finlay Currie
28/06/2012 23:33:00
Hello, with the impending vote allowing ServCo into the SFL1. I really hope the club are fully against ServCo being allowed to be entered into SFL1 no matter what the carrot being dangled is. Personally I couldn't get behind a product that, IMO, if allowing ServCo into SFL1 automatically actively encourages cheating. Thanks, Finlay
Callum Murdoch
28/06/2012 23:46:00
Mark, I am in complete agreement with Finlay with regards to the new proposal for a Rangers Newco being admitted directly into the 1st Division. I would hope that Queens along with majority of other SFL members would be staunchly against anything other than a new club applying for membership to the 3rd Division. We all agree that league reforms are required but it is disgraceful that only now is it being offered on the basis that Rangers can once again dodge a deserved punishment. I can honestly say that if Queens were to vote in favour of this happening that I wouldn't ever put another penny into the club I love knowing that we sold our soul to make a deal with the devil. On a positive note, I am confident that the board will make their decision in based on the opinion of the vast majority of our support. I look forward to watching us romp home to championship victory and a return to the 1st Division where we would have fairly earned our right to play. Thanks, Callum
Chris McKie
29/06/2012 00:04:00
I would like to concur with the comments above about ServCo. We simply should not be bullied and blackmailed by the the SPL. I urge the club to listen to the views of the fans, consider the integrity of the game above everything else and take a leaf out of the book of the brave Turnbull Hutton. This is the time for all clubs in the SFL to stick together and not be party to any despicable stitch up. I hope Queens make a statement soon.
Ian Walker
29/06/2012 06:06:00
Hi Mark. I feel I have to add my voice to the comments above regarding the possibility of Rangers/Sevco/Newco being parachuted into the 1st Division. The only solution to this, is entry to the 3rd Division PROVIDED the owners of this new club can show themselves to be fit and proper persons to be running a football club. I trust the board of Queen of the South will take into account the views and comments that are contained in this blog and act accordingly. I fear that if they do not, many fans like myself, will never appear again at a Scottish Football ground.
Stuart McWilliam
29/06/2012 12:03:00
Any Rangers Newco must apply for admittance to the 3rd Division,it is scandalous to even contemplate them being allowed to enter the Scottish Leagues at Div 1 level. I really do hope that the QOS Board of Directors listen to the fans and agree with what the majority are saying. Just hope this whole sorry scenario which is a total embarassment not just to Scottish football but to Scotland as a whole gets sorted soon. Looking forward to what will hopefully be a successful season for Queens in Div 2.
Simon Davidson
29/06/2012 13:50:00
I would also like to reiterate (and endorse) the general feeling amongst QoS fans that Newco's application to play in SFL 1 should be unconditionally rejected by Queen of the South FC. Scottish football may suffer in the short-term from the loss in revenue, but when you consider how many Dumfries & Galloway adults and [particularly] children support Rangers rather than QoS, I believe Queen of the South may benefit hugely from Rangers' demise. Rangers should be invited to apply for the vacancy in Division 3 provided they meet the required criteria. Which I understand they currently don't. Allowing them SFL1 status would be an affront to all genuine football fans and would damage our hammered national reputation still further.
Willie Pool
29/06/2012 14:16:00
Likewise; my own personal feelings is that, Rangers, if entering the SFL must start in Div 3. If the Trust, Barflies and other generous benefactors had not donated to Queens in their hour of need and we had went to the wall do you think the SPL/SFA/SFL would have allowed us back into Div 1 as a Newco? Why should they be any different?
Alan Belford
29/06/2012 15:08:00
Simon Davidson has said everything I wanted to put across. The SFL clubs have the power to change Scottish football in their hands, use it wisely for the sake of all Scottish football supporters.
Tony Davers
30/06/2012 09:24:00
I look at the Rangers newco position from the point of view of a taxpayer. Businesses including Queens and individuals have to pay their taxes. I do this as do fair minded persons. Rangers did not and cheated the taxpayer, i.e. you and me out of a fortune. We have to make up this shortfall. A simplistic point of view but the gravity of the shortfall calls for a maximum penalty, i.e. allowing Rangers the privilige of joining the 3rd division
ian w
30/06/2012 12:59:00
With regard to Rangers whatever the SFL rules state they must be applied equally to all clubs if this means them starting again in division 3 so be it. To do anything else would make Scottish football a laughing stock
Geoff L
30/06/2012 17:28:00
I too would wish to add my voice to those objecting to the idea of a new version of Rangers being admitted to Scotland's second tier. Apart from the obvious injustice of a new organisation being being allowed to enter the national set-up at any level other than the bottom, there's also the fact that it would be to satisfy the selfish demands of SPL clubs who wish to portray their actions as being motivated by a drive for integrity. I think it's entirely reasonable that we ask for Queens as a member club of the SFL to declare a position on this matter, given that some other clubs have done so. Thanks Mark for affording us this opportunity to speak up. I do feel though that we deserve an indication of the club's line on this, beyond simply being asked to trust that the right thing will be done. The nature of that 'right thing' is up for debate and we want to know that our views will at least be considered. Thank you.
Nathan Maxwell
01/07/2012 10:59:00
Most people have said what I wanted to say, Finlay and Geoff are spot on, just wanted to back them up so you can see another fan is against the Newco being allowed into the first. Cheers
Louise Currie
01/07/2012 13:44:00
I think the statement issued by Clyde FC says it all. Rangers should apply for admitance to 3rd Div.
Iain Crosbie
01/07/2012 22:04:00
I believe that the existing SFL rules should be upheld by QoS FC and that any Newco football club should be asked to apply for SFL membership by applying to join Division 3 in the normal way.
Gordon Hood
02/07/2012 09:33:00
the cost of INTEGRITY -----------PRICELESS!!!!
Walt Adamson
02/07/2012 11:46:00
I just wanted to reiterate what others have said above. I have been a Queens supporter for nearly 30 years, and if the club votes in favour of a Rangers Newco being parachuted into any league higher than the Third Division, then I will attend no more matches or put any more money into Queens by other means until those responsible for casting that vote have left the club. Also, as others have said, I feel that in a scenario where the 'right thing' remains undefined, the board should make a clearer statement of their intentions (as other clubs have).
Ross Corbett
02/07/2012 11:58:00
I certainly hope the board listen to the view of the majority of the supporters regarding the Newco's application to join SFL1 and make a statement soon.If this was any other team in Scottish football outside of the old firm the outcome would have been settled weeks ago.The rest of Scottish football need to make a stand and do the right thing and make the Newco apply for the 3rd division.The board at Queens have had to cut the clubs cloth accordingly and unfortunately it cost the club relegation now premier league clubs will just have to do the same without the income brought in from Rangers but its the only way to try and save the already faltering name of Scottish football.
Andrew Smith
02/07/2012 14:22:00
As others above have said, and I said in an email I sent directly, it would be totally wrong if a NewCo Rangers were voted in to division 1 directly. They should be forced to apply to division 3, and, if justice is to really be served, rejected in favour of a club who has put time into developing their club in order to get in to the SFL. SevCo should start at the bottom, outside of senior league football. I trust the board will do the right thing and say no to a NewCo in the SFL, Andrew
02/07/2012 14:41:00
I realise this aint in our hands but rather than people continouously ranting about what league The Rangers will be in next season can someone not step up and make a decision once and for all. I want to pick a paper one day and read about football on the back pages rather than all these politics. I agree with the majority that integrity has to win (assuming we don't have the authority to banish them down to England) but lets make a decision. Too many cooks is meaning this had dragged on too long. I guess my point here is ultimately get the Rangers saga sorted and then I hope Queens will be giving their full backing to a league restructuring. Being in the 2ns division potentially we could lose out short term, but let's look at a long term solution that is going to benefit everybody. Too much self preservation in Scottish football. Rant over.
03/07/2012 09:56:00
With Stranraer, Morton, East Fife, Raith Rovers, Falkirk, Clyde, Stirling Albion, Cowdenbeath and Pterhead all having made unambiguous statements regarding their intent for the treatement of a Newco application - is it not time for Queens to come out and do the same? The lack of a statement appears as a lack of commitment. The clear eveidence from the fellow bloggers, and from other fans - is that the Newco should apply to SFL3 as per current rules. Any deviation from that is a sell-out of Scottish Footbal - and many fans would lose all interest, to the detriment of their respective clubs.
John Allison
03/07/2012 10:46:00
Good morning Mark, Just looked at the new Fixture page on the web-site. Like the idea but can I suggest that the back ground colours are toned down - the yellow is too vivid for some folks and the black text is difficult distinguish against the vivid blue background - usual rules are that 'dark' backgrounds are used with light colour text, e.g. white Best rgds
03/07/2012 12:50:00
@John Allison - the blue background should have yellow text, not black. Could you email me to give me some more info?
03/07/2012 13:37:00
As the vast majority of the comments make clear, Queens must make an unambiguous statement stating that they are opposed to Rangers entering the SFL at Division one level. Otherwise Queens will lose a large proportion of their support home and away. This situation could promote the implementation of the McLeish Report on Scottish football. A report which is critical to the future of our national game and it is imperative that Queens directors declare their support for the reputation of Scottish football by not allowing Rangers to gain entry into Division 1. recognise.
Bob Roscoe
03/07/2012 14:46:00
If Rangers are relegated to the third division, what will happen to the fixtures. At present i have made arrangements for travel to a number of matches, as i am sure others have. This needs to be sorted asap.
Gordon Hyston
03/07/2012 18:10:00
Hi Mark. As a man with a tattoo of the Rangers crest on your heart, which way will you vote on Queens' and the Queens' fans behalf? Thanks
Will Clark
03/07/2012 19:31:00
In line with the other fans' views I trust that the representative(s) of Queen of the South will do the right thing in any forthcoming vote and elect to send whatever Rangers become into the third division. Integrity is either present, or it's not; we need to show our club has it.
Will Clark
03/07/2012 19:33:00
In line with the other fans' views I trust that the representative(s) of Queen of the South will do the right thing in any forthcoming vote and elect to send whatever Rangers become into the third division. Integrity is either present, or it's not; we need to show our club has it.
James Burns
03/07/2012 19:47:00
In light of recent statements which have been broadcast from various clubs with regards to a Newco being admitted into Division 1, I was just wondering when Queens will voice their opinions regarding the matter? Scottish Football is at a crossroad with regards to it's future, but the integrity of our game is of paramount importance and this should not be overshadowed by greed. The SFA have seemingly issued a document to all SFL clubs which, according to Raith Rovers chairman Turnball Hutton, 'bullies' other clubs into accepting a Newco into Division 1 or face being alienated from an invite to an SPL 2, which is now on the agenda because of Rangers current plight. I urge the board of our club to take note of not only our fans, but of fans of Scottish Football, who attend games week in, week out and who spend their hard earned money supporting their beloved clubs. They are the people who matter most. If they are not heard, I fear for the future of our game and ultimitely, our beloved Queen of the South.
03/07/2012 20:11:00
Hi mark i totally agree with Ross Corbetts comments and the SFA should take a good look at its self
Stuart Myatt
03/07/2012 20:36:00
Mark For the record my feelings are that any new club(Newco) must apply for Division 3. I hope this is resolved soon,Forty years since attending my first game at Palmerston and football having played a huge part in my life, I currently could turn my back on football and walk away.
David Callander
04/07/2012 01:20:00
The BBC website reports that Tuesday's meeting asked clubs to discuss the Rangers issue at board level and to find out their fans views. Think the fans views have been made extremely clear on the blog.
Euan Maxwell
04/07/2012 03:17:00
Another fan hoping the club do what you said will do a while back.
04/07/2012 11:11:00
Hi Mark, thanks for your previous reply. Will the board be informing us what they thought of the meeting at Hampden yesterday and whether the club has an official position now? Many thanks.
Ian Walker
04/07/2012 13:29:00
Mark. The news today that the SPL may defer their vote on whether to expel the Newco Rangers, can only mean one thing. They are waiting to see how the SFL vote goes and if the decision is to NOT allow Rangers to enter Division One but to go through the normal channels of applying for acceptance into Division Three, then the SPL will, somehow or other, allow the Newco Rangers back into the Premier league. This is absolutely disgraceful and should not be allowed. Why can't the SFL turn the tables on the SPL and say that a decision on where Rangers should play will only be made ONCE the SPL vote is known. Call their bluff and see what happens.
Martin Buchan
04/07/2012 14:57:00
Mark, now that the SPL have gave there resounding no to newco in the SPL, I hope the BoD at Queens will vote against newco in division 1. If newco are placed in the first division and the queens board vote for it I will be done with Scottish football, my season ticket sent back and my money spent elsewhere.
Tom Edgar
04/07/2012 17:11:00
Totally concur with Martin above. I'm not a season ticket holder but I won't at a Scottish League game this season if Rangers are allowed into the 1st Div. I trust the club will do the right thing and reject the NewCo...
Ian Richardson
04/07/2012 22:16:00
Hello Mark, as a life long supporter of QoS, I would hope you and your fellow directors can support the view of the fan base and vote No to any newco entering the SFL at division 1 level. The right to membership of the SFL is a privilege, which firstly must be granted by the existing member clubs, and these members only. Entry must be in line with present rules i.e. starting in the lower division and progressing on merit through the divisions’ year on year. Any deviation to this will only devalue the reputation of the SFL and its member clubs.
Stefan Kaczmarczyk
04/07/2012 23:32:00
Hi Mark First of all I congratulate the board on the cost cutting measures that have been made at QOS FC in order to ensure that the club has a long term future. With the liquidation of Rangers, is this not a golden opportunity to acquire a significant number of Dumfries based Rangers fans to Palmerston? On the subject of QOS voting where a potential newco club should gain entry into the SFL, I am extremely concerned about the consequences for QOS if newco club is allowed to enter the 1st division. Even a small decline in Palmerston attendances as a result of a fans protest could seriously jeapordise the great progress that has been to make our club financially sustainable. I trust that the board votes in the interests of QOS's short and long term future. Stefan
Paul McEwan
05/07/2012 15:09:00
Mark, I hope that you and your fellow board members come out and make a statement saying no to the newco in SFL1 ASAP. Do not allow yourselves to be bullied by the SFA and the veiled threats coming from SPL's Doncaster (this is nothing to do with the SPL now). Newco Rangers simply have to begin in the bottom tier, otherwise Scottish football will become even more of a laughing stock than it currently is. With Rangers starting in SFL3 and working back up through the leagues we can only hope that there renewed interest in ALL of our leagues and not just the SPL - with the hope of a much needed restructure of our current set-up. The argument to have newco in SFL1 appears to be flawed to me. Loss of money in our game, etc, etc. As a supporter of a lower league team I can only see our clubs in the SFL benefiting from Rangers starting at the bottom as larger crowds whilst they are in the respective SFL3, SFL2 and SFL1 - not to mention the media exposure and possible TV revenue that are pretty much non-existant currently in these leagues. My last point - and this is said with a heavy heart as a loyal supporter of QoS. I would find it extremely difficult to continue my support for QoS next season if your decision is to allow the Rangers newco entry into SFL1. Paul.
Andy Pattie
05/07/2012 17:46:00
I agree with all the above comments regarding maintaining the integrity of the Scottish game by saying no to Newco Rangers joining the First Division. I would hope, as a life long supporter of Queen of the South, that the club will resist the bullying tactics evidenced today by the statements of Stewart Regan ( SFA )
05/07/2012 18:41:00
First of I would like to say as queens man for over 50 years and who attends most home games I am sick to the back teeth of people jumping on the rangers crisis. You keep harping on about the fans views what about the rangers fans who like it or not are in the same boat as us. I do admit to also being a rangers fan. Mostly because queens could never and despite my lifetime support will never take me to the higher levels rangers could. Queens are to be applauded in there fiscal management on that we all agree but the cold hard facts are we will never ever compete with the big boys financially and as we have learned over our years of support any mismanagement hits fans hardest. One comment I do agree with is the sfa have been lamentable in this as always. Punish rangers they deserve it but it should be seen as a time to sort the whole sorry mess that is Scottish football out. It is also a time for each and every one of us supporters to say enough is enough push through the reforms required. If we were as vociferous doing that as getting one back on the big boys maybe then Scottish football would have a chance. Maybe it is time for me as many of you eloquently state to walk away from it altogether which will i am sure be to the benefit of no one.
Brian G
05/07/2012 20:10:00
Hi Mark Have read all the comments on Rangers, personally I feel whatever the board decide to do should be kept within the boardroom, the vote when it takes place next week will hopefully be a secret ballot thus allowing clubs to vote with their heads without worry of the repercutions from the SFA or SFL or fans biased either for or against Rangers. I for one am sure that we can trust the board to do what is best for the club.
05/07/2012 20:42:00
The loss of income by Rangers not being in the SPL for a few years should be weighed against the loss of income to the game as a whole if the SFL rules are not obeyed. The number of fans from all teams who have threatened to boycott games is significant, we cannot afford to have these people lost from the game for good.
Eric Fisher
06/07/2012 08:28:00
It's up to the board to make what they think is the correct decision and they will not receive any idle threats from me of turning my back on the club I have supported for over 50 years. - Queen's largest Unofficial Fan's Fitba Site.
Lucy Wooo
08/07/2012 08:18:00
The latest set of proposals that the members of the SFL will be asked to vote on at the EGM on Friday 13th are nothing less than an affront to every Scottish football fan. In essence, the three resolutions have been written to allow a Newco Rangers back into the top flight at the earliest opportunity whilst simultaneously absolving everybody in the boardrooms to wash their hands of the affair, take the bribe of a few bob extra tricking down and say 'it wisnae your season books. The proposals have David Longmuir's signature but I detect the cold cynical hand of James Ballantyne. You have to ask yourself why the Alloa chairman simultaneously needs to be an active member of the Rangers Fans' Fighting Fund and Michael Johnston - the only SPL chairman not to vote for Sporting Integrity - has close links with Sir David Murray's business partners. With Rangers men like Peat, (loads of SFA money for Cowdenbeath's youth set up that other clubs can only dream of) Campbell'EBT' Ogilvie and regular Rangers Supporter's Trust guest speaker Gordon Smith at the helm whilst Rangers accumulated - then dumped - over £100million in debt (that's £20 from every man, woman and child in the Country). Even the dogs in the street now know that the game in Scotland has been - and continues to be - bent in favour of one team and one team alone, to the detriment of our beloved national game. Murray and his cronies have stolen Scottish football for their own sinister gain. Not only do I urge the directors of Queen of the South to vote against these proposals, but I ask them to boycott the vote, unless the proposal detailed in schedule 3 to give the SFA discretion to ignore the decision of the SFL and parachute Sevco into Division 1 is struck off. I would also ask the good folk on the Queens board to condemn in the strongest possible terms the sneaky and corrupt way the secret Rangers plants in the boardrooms up and down the land have attempted to gerrymander the continued existence of this paraiah club. We nearly beat them in the Cup Final. With the news that over seventy of their players and staff were recipients of Employee Benefit Trusts, why would we allow a robber back into our homes to rob us again? Yours Sincerely, Lucy Woo
George Murray
08/07/2012 16:19:00
The point about fans turning their backs on the club they may have loved and followed all of their lives, is to my mind based on the fact that these proposals to facilitate a club which has systematically over years, broken the rules and refused to accept their reponsibilities both to society and the game itself, are proof positive that the game in Scotland is corrupt. Accordingly there is no point in supporting a game which is palpably weighted in favour of one club. We as fans whether of a 'minnow' like Queens (Copyright Craig Burley) or a big club, go to the games in the belief that the game is honest and that has to be seen to be the case. Anything other than a vote to put Newco into the 3rd Division will be the death nell for many fans of the game in Scotland. Even then they are receiving favourable treatment compared to clubs like Spartans whose honest aspirations to progress are constantly frustrated by the cartel way in which the leagues operate in Scotland
malcolm campbell
08/07/2012 22:04:00
I also would find extremely difficult to attend games next season! I have supported queens since i was four years old and followed the team through thick and thin but this would be a step too far! We should never have been put in this position by those cowards from the sfa but this is our chance to show the bottle which others wish they had!! Please Mr hewitson don't make me and many others do this!
08/07/2012 22:27:00
It is my personal opinion that the new club from Glasgow's south side should have to apply for the vacant space in division 3 along with any other club e.g. Spartans , who may also like the chance to progress. However which ever way the Queens board decide to vote, I will continue to support the club next season.
Andrew Smith
08/07/2012 23:41:00
As a result of the document the SFL have sent out in regard to the vote, if the board choose to vote the NewCo into the SFL (and, by inference, SFL1) then I would seriously have to consider whether I would go to Palmerston next season, and every one after that until the people who make the decision leave the club. I will always support the club, but I would only attend away games against clubs who do the right thing and vote no (I'll not be at Stenhousemuir next year, and I was looking forward to that away day). Do the right thing. Andrew Smith
Gordon Hood
09/07/2012 08:41:00
Welcome, the door is open to my parlour, said the SPL spider to the SFL fly!!!!!!!!
Fraser Maclean
09/07/2012 09:05:00
To me the board are faced with two choices: 1) Apply the rules and admit the new Rangers to teh 3rd Division 2) Accept a bribe to negate the rules and put them into Division 1. What sort of board are you, one that applies the rules or one who accepts bribes? Think very carefully as the supporters of this club will not take kindly to not doing the right thing. The Harkness Era lost a huge number of people in the area, and the wrong decision here will do even more damage. Let the SPL clubs deal with their shortfall in money, just apply the rules, rules that all clubs are subject to, regardless of size.
Keith Davidson
09/07/2012 12:06:00
I currently buy a season ticket, yet due to living/working away from Dumfries, am unable to attend nearly enough home games to make this financially worth while for me. Attendance at home games also requires 8 hours driving time and a tank of diesel. Why do I do it? To support the club I have followed for ~ 40 years in what should be an open and fair competition. Should NewCo Rangers be parachuted in at any level above division 3, it would be clear that Scottish football is neither fair nor open and hence I would have to question very carefully why I am investing my time and money in it.
Geoff L
09/07/2012 16:06:00
I'm back on in the light of the invitation that has been issued to SFL clubs for Friday's meeting. It's apparent that a stitch-up has been prepared, whereby clubs can vote Rangers' successor into the SFL, but the SFL board will then decide to put them in SFL1 if happy that certain conditions have been met. I've read in a couple of places that Queens are unhappy to have been placed in this position. Now that this position has actually worsened, the correct response is surely to reject Rangers at this stage, requiring that they apply as others would have to. For our club to retain self-respect, the correct course is abundantly clear. Please don't let the supporters down on this. Thank you.
09/07/2012 20:24:00
I really think it is time we had a definitive statement - yes or no- from the powers at be at Queens on this issue now. The vote is on friday so you should have all the information you need (if you haven't then try and stop the vote until you have!) The fans want to know how the club will vote on this matter - Annan and Stranraer fans know how their clubs will vote, so why don't we?
Ian Walker
10/07/2012 14:26:00
Like Geoff L above, I have come back on in order to agree wholeheartedly with the comments by James just above this post. The BOD have now had a week to consider their position and I do agree that you have to have all the facts before making a decision. I honestly believe you have had the time to come to a decision one way or another so I think it is high time you inform us what way you are going to vote on Friday. Please listen to all the comments and act accordingly.
Mark Douglas
10/07/2012 21:05:00
hi mark all i can say to this is you have to make a statement now saying you will vote no to the newco in sfl 1 or you will be playing infront of 300 fans or so next season ,i have got to do the right thing here and vote with my feet and the 2 kids i bring along each week to watch the queens will be lost for ever, please do the right thing and make us queens fans proud of you guys ,voting no is the only solution .
10/07/2012 22:19:00
I can only agree with the overwhelming majority - it MUST be a NO to the newco in the 1st division. There cannot be any special cases - a new club must start from the bottom. Anything other than a 'no' will unfortunately see many turn their back on the club.
A Smith
11/07/2012 21:35:00
I too will stay away from Palmerston if Queens vote for SFL1 newco. If you vote for integrity then fine. If you vote for SFL1 then I fear you will get a financial shock - just look at the comments above. Please do the right thing. Today's events at Hampden do not change things.
A Smith
11/07/2012 21:37:00
I too will stay away from Palmerston if Queens vote for SFL1 newco. If you vote for integrity then fine. If you vote for SFL1 then I fear you will get a financial shock - just look at the comments above. Please do the right thing. Today's events at Hampden do not change things.
Ian Smith
12/07/2012 12:04:00
Dear Board. Please do not vote The Rangers Football club into division one. It is wrong. The powers that be reckon that to not accept them and the deal that comes with it is short sighted. Surely this whole fiasco shows that the short sighted people are the administrators who are still trying to ignore the fans wishes. The fans are your customers. That seems to be getting ignored in your calculations if you are considering putting them in div 1. Your customers will dramatically reduce if you vote yes to them. League restructuring is being screamed for by the customers. It should happen anyway. The administrators are killing the game by ignoring what the cutomers want. Please vote Rangers to div 3.
Geoff L
12/07/2012 17:28:00
Me again - sorry. One last plea before the vote. The moral case, as conceded by our chairman in last week's 'Standard' would see Rangers in the 3rd Division at best. Please examine the other case - the practical one properly, before committing to a decision based on it. SFL clubs have been offered a stick in the form of a threat to withold the £1.9m settlement fee offered to SFL clubs. That threat has now been exposed as empty as the settlement is legally binding. The carrot being offered, amounts to a flimsy promise of re-structuring talks, of the type utterly rejected until Rangers's problems surfaced. In short, there is no case, moral or pragmatic for admitting Rangers to the SFL at any point other than at the bottom of its structure.
Graham H
13/07/2012 08:00:00
Voting A new company, which is not Rangers, with no knowledge of who they are will bring shame upon the club. There will be a shake up in the next few years as the game I I yes to struggle and those that voted for the Newco to b admitted will suffer then. Think long term and vote with integrity. No to Newco in Div 1 and best not in SFL at all. A yes will lose support as who wants o buy season tickets for a jaundiced club within a jaundiced institution?
Gordon Hood
13/07/2012 10:28:00
Extremely disappointed the BOD have failed to inform QoS fans their intention on which way they will vote at to-day's SFL meeting, this is the first test of Mr Hewitson's chairmanship, to date interviews in the press and TV have been less than convincing!! irrespective of which way they vote it would have been courtesy to inform the fans.
Brian G
13/07/2012 10:54:00
Hi Mark Far to many threats of boycotts if we vote one way or the other today all I can say is these cannot be real QOS fans. No matter which way you vote today I will still be at Palmerston next season. As I have said before I hope it is a secret ballot today and that way no one needs to know what way you vote and hopefully some sanity can be restored and we can all get back to supporting QOS , minding our own business and trying to secure promotion back into the first division.
mark douglas
13/07/2012 11:09:00
Brian G if you look at the names that have posted on this you will see that the majority of the travell club that have watched queens faithfully for years are standing up for sporting integrity thay are all true fans and most go to every game ,but we have to make a stand here and i can tell you even tho its a secret ballot the ones who voted yes will get out to the press ,i know a guy who works within the sfa and he assures me people will find out what each club has voted .
J Johnstone
13/07/2012 15:03:00
Now that queens have made the decision which way to vote and the vote has taken place can i ask queens to please make the announcement on the clubs final decision that was mentioned in the club statement which i and many others have been waiting to hear all week. 'The Club will continue to discuss the situation and make a further announcement when a final decision is confirmed and we ask the fans, in the meantime, to trust that we will make the best decision for Queen of the South FC'
Chris McKie
13/07/2012 15:36:00
So, how did we vote? Most clubs have been very proactive in keeping their fans informed every step of the way, but we have failed to be so open and transparent. That is most disappointing. I sincerely hope we issue a statement soon.
Ian Smith
13/07/2012 16:49:00
A wrong decision. Dissappointed. This will harm my football team and therefore you as directors have failed in your duty.
Ian Smith
13/07/2012 16:49:00
A wrong decision. Dissappointed. This will harm my football team and therefore you as directors have failed in your duty.
David Callander
13/07/2012 17:15:00
Having supported Queens for 45 years, I have never been as disgusted as I am today. The overwhelming majority of Scottish clubs voted on the matter of integrity. We voted with the bank account in mind. We were promised that the fans would be listened to - sadly, listened to and totally ignored... Shame on the board for that cowardly decision.
Mark Harkness
13/07/2012 17:17:00
When will the board come out and explain their ridiculous decision today. By showing a complete disregard to sporting integrity and the fans wishes, you have brought shame on the club
Nathan Maxwell
13/07/2012 17:25:00
Absolute shambles, echo sentiments of everyone above. Now i've heard at least 10+ people who won't be attending now, thats only in my group, congrats. Expect a statement to explain the decision also.
13/07/2012 17:34:00
James Burns
13/07/2012 17:43:00
Disgusted with the BoD. The integrity of our game was at stake, yet the club voted to accept corruption and cheating which has been prevalent in our game for the past decade. Thankfully, other SFL clubs had it in them to turn their backs on bribes and blackmailing to do the correct thing and show that rules for one club are rules for all clubs. I now feel that I cannot support my beloved club financially when the Current BoDs has given the green light to the corruption which has been present in our game for some time.
Paul McEwan
13/07/2012 17:47:00
I am totally disgusted, embarrassed and ashamed by the Queens board's stance on this. We are now one of the outcasts of the SFL. Not only will we lose some of our own home support, but also visiting fans will veto Palmerston! This decision was so out of touch with the fans of this great club, and fans of other clubs that it beggars belief. I believe, as others do, that the board should represent the fans point of view. But we were blatantly ignored. Disgusting is not a strong enough word. It is now, in my opinion, for those steering our club to seriously consider their position. I cannot and will not trust them ever again.
Bernard Forteath
13/07/2012 17:47:00
Although I am not in agreement with the decision made by the Board they do deserve credit in that they listened to the arguments put forward, for and against,and then made a decision which they feel is in the best interests of the club. Not an easy decision and one it has to be remembered should not have been dumped on SFL clubs. We now need to move forward, back the team, live within our budget,and get back into Division 1 at the first time of asking.
James Burns
13/07/2012 17:50:00
Disgusted with the BoD. The integrity of our game was at stake, yet the club voted to accept corruption and cheating which has been prevalent in our game for the past decade. Thankfully, other SFL clubs had it in them to turn their backs on bribes and blackmailing to do the correct thing and show that rules for one club are rules for all clubs. I now feel that I cannot support my beloved club financially when the Current BoDs has given the green light to the corruption which has been present in our game for some time.
malcolm campbell
13/07/2012 17:54:00
Absolute disgrace!!! What a bunch of gutless bastards we have running the club! I wonder how much the bribe was, but get it up you's cause it's back fired!!
Fraser Maclean
13/07/2012 17:54:00
Totally disgusted - season ticket is in the post tonight. Full refund expected. Congratulations on making us the outcasts in the SFL. Hang your heads in shame. What a way to treat the fans - disgraceful.
Gordon Hood
13/07/2012 17:54:00
Integrity prevailed, but sad day for QoS fans
James Hogg
13/07/2012 18:06:00
Absolutely astounded at this decision by the BOD. It not only flies in the face of moral integrity it also disregards the supporters of this club! Not only that, it seems completley idiotic considering that it was known that a majority of clubs were voting the other way!!! This means that this vote by the chairman not only went against sporting integrity, it went against the fans wishes and also went against common sense!! Mr hewitson must be replaced as soon as possible for the good of this proud club. I am and always will be a queens supporter but while this man is in charge I will find it dificult to put my money into the club i love. Hang your head in shame.
Chuck Dickson
13/07/2012 18:17:00
I will not be returning to Palmerston next year. I thought we had more integrity.
Daniel Halliday
13/07/2012 18:34:00
I thought this blog was a step in the right direction for the board tom listen to it's fans. Clearly it is all for show. An absolutely disgraceful decision. Even in the statement it was mentioned that the BoD listened to the arguments put forward by SFA and Rangers newco. no mention of listening to the arguments put forward by yournown fans though?! Hang your heads in shame. It is clearly justba business for you lot but for the loyal support it is much more than that. You have blatantly ignored the fans protests for your own greed. Finances will surely be poorer now that this decision has been made by the shambles running our club.
James Hogg
13/07/2012 18:39:00
Absolutely astounded at this decision by the BOD. It not only flies in the face of moral integrity it also disregards the supporters of this club! Not only that, it seems completley idiotic considering that it was known that a majority of clubs were voting the other way!!! This means that this vote by the chairman not only went against sporting integrity, it went against the fans wishes and also went against common sense!! Mr hewitson must be replaced as soon as possible for the good of this proud club. I am and always will be a queens supporter but while this man is in charge I will find it dificult to put my money into the club i love. Hang your head in shame.
Alan Belford
13/07/2012 18:45:00
Well done, you have just lost another three fans due to the ridiculous decision you made. You decided to ignore the wishes of the people you need to keep on your side. What a great start to a new board reign, I hope you are all very satisfied with the way you have made Queens one of the five places away fans will not visit next season, along with many many home fans.
eck patterson
13/07/2012 19:03:00
One too many kicks in the teeth from the board who yet again dont listen to the fans,then expect them to roll over,shut up and get their coin out.absolute shite.
Stuart McWilliam
13/07/2012 19:15:00
Absolutely shocked and disgusted that the BOD did not listen to the fans. The right decision was made by the majority to put Rangers in Div 3. The damage to QOS caused by voting YES will be far greater than Messers Hewitson,Robertson and Patterson think. They are certainly on a different planet than the supporters. Also the article in the Record today with Davie Rae was cringeworthy and embarrasing beyond belief. Im pretty down and gutted tonight but I wont be turning my back on the club I have supported for most of my life, the current BOD wont be here for ever but hopefully the club will be. I feel sorry for the management team and players as they really need our support and backing this season and I will certainly give it but the current board have certainly let the side down this time.
James Hogg
13/07/2012 19:37:00
...Oh and one last thing, earlier on in this blog you asked the question of whether to keep it going or not. My advice would be to give it up. There is no point in pretending to have dialogue with the fans if you dont actually care what they think.
Joanna Wright
13/07/2012 19:40:00
Really disheartened by the BOD's decision today, not only because it so flagrantly goes against the fans' wishes, but mainly because of the stain against our impeccable reputationEven if this was a financial decision I can't see the point of raising our head above the parapet when the decision was so clearly going the other way. Disappointed and embarrassed by what you have done to the club. Shame on you.
13/07/2012 19:45:00
Shocking, The BOD have just lost the club more fans .Time to go. Stick to supporting 'Rangers'.
Simon Clingan
13/07/2012 19:57:00
Genuinely saddened and disappointed by the total disregard you have for the loyal fans who just two years ago dug deep in times of economic hardship to keep our club afloat. I look forward to reading your reasons for voting this way and changing my current opinion of the board - somehow considering 25 other SFL clubs and 10 SPL clubs felt that the only outcome was Div 3 then I may not hold my breath. A hugely disappointed Queens fan.
Ross Storey
13/07/2012 19:59:00
Idiotic decision form the board to vote Rangers into Division 1 when it was quite blatent that the majority were voting for Division 3 and Rangers fans too seemed to prefer a move to Div 3. This will probably affect the good repuation that the club did have. Hope you BOD are proud of themselves with this ludicris decision. Even less fans for us next season now than first expected, I can imagine.
Chris McKie
13/07/2012 20:10:00
This is a black day for the club. A terrible decision has been reached, one that has brought shame on Queens. This will cost us fans, goodwill and lead to a loss of respect throughout Scottish football. I will always be proud to call myself a Queens fan, but today I am utterly devastated that my club have acted in such a despicable fashion. Should it not be the case that any good business listens to the views of its customers? The fans believe in sporting integrity and are against corruption, scaremongering and blackmail. I can only assume the BoD take a different stance. You have lost my respect and have brought shame on the club.
Eddie Wilson
13/07/2012 20:40:00
Hang your heads in shame. You have brought our club into disrepute. Spineless doesn't do it justice. Today wasn't about punishing Rangers or protecting us it was about doing what was right and honourable. There is no gain in this for us as a club. Great strategy guys, alienate your customer base big style. Great work.
Rob Smith
13/07/2012 21:02:00
Galabank is looking good ! What on earth were you thinking of? I watched Scotland Tonight last night and thought Gordon Smith and Archie McPherson were a pair of dinosaurs who had lost touch with reality...this afternoon it turns out that the club I am shareholder of agrees with the dinosaurs ! Today I am ashamed to be a Queens fan.
greig corbett
13/07/2012 21:20:00
Shocking decision from the board , u make this blog to get fan opinions and dont use it , the board should hang there head in shame
A Smith
13/07/2012 21:39:00
Shocking decision. Queens' name sullied. Whither sport?Please give your financial evidence for your decision. Please also respond to the obvious hurt felt by supporters.
Mark Brown
13/07/2012 21:47:00
My son and I were working in sunny Rockliffe when the 2.30 news came on radio 1, a shout of joy went up as it was announced it was div3 for the newco. The contrast when we came home and found our club went against all common sense was great indeed. I've supported Queens since I was 5, I'm soon to be 50 and have never felt so ashamed to be associated with the club as I am tonight. Stuff your blog, it's the last time I will read or comment on it as you obviously don't pay any heed to it.
Mark Douglas
13/07/2012 22:09:00
it is now time for this board to resign ,the fans have to stay together here and hound this bunch of cowards out the door ,SACK THE BOARD ,leave our club now you directors are not welcome in this town .
Kevin Donnelly
13/07/2012 22:15:00
I am disappointed but not surprised by the decision of the board to support the move to put Sevco in SFL Division 1. This has happened and the stain on the character of the club will not be easily removed. Looking ahead, can the board please explain their reasons why this decision was taken? There have to be mitigating circumstances for a decision which has somehow left Stranraer taking the moral high ground! Can we please be informed if any pressure was exerted by the SFA and what offer is on the table as this reeks to high heaven of a deal being struck only to leave the club and its fans looking deeply embarassed, if not utterly pathetic. This blog is a two way method of communication, I am hoping, but not expecting a full explanation of why this decision was taken but I am not holding my breath. Completely and utterly scunnered.
andrew brown
13/07/2012 22:39:00
what a joke!!! . so you dont listen to the fans . i am ashamed to be called a queens surporter .and u diserve every negative coment you get. and i hope your ashamed . i cant believe it .time to leave and ruin another clubs reputation. so to some it up get a grip and leave !!!!
A Davidson
13/07/2012 23:12:00
Your vote and comments are nonsensical. 'We could have taken the view to vote no and just followed others but we voted with the clubs interests at heart' Anyone who genuinely loves the club (as opposed to the money) understands that it's the fans who ARE the club, so how exactly were you voting with the fans' interests at heart when the vast majority made it perfectly clear that this 'yes' vote was NOT what they wanted?
andrew brown
13/07/2012 23:33:00
i apoligise for my coment above. i was just very angry . i am just very disapionted that you would do this to your own fans. i think a public apology would be the right thing to do .
Richard Smith
14/07/2012 01:44:00
I have supported queens for 45 years & thru thick & thin but not a day longer - I will return to the fold when the Bod depart - rules? Integrity? Pah!!! Directors you are a black burning disgrace!!!
Geoff L
14/07/2012 05:43:00
Very disappointed in the decision made by the Queens board. This 'Sporting Integrity' phrase is now much mocked, but to people who follow teams like Queens, it's actually real and it matters. Without competitions being run in an essentially fair manner, there's little point. As evidenced here, very few Queens fans feel that the interests of the club have been forwarded by the board's stance on this.
M Johnston
14/07/2012 08:45:00
I have critised some of the board in the past but On this occasion I think they have voted for the best interests of Queens, which I can understand, mainly due to the facts of how all the leagues will be affected by the loss of the old firm games for at least 4 seasons, TV money & Rangers newco not being in the top league again for at least 4 seasons, which would enable them to start buying probably scottish players again from these SFL clubs, some people think that the spl payments to the league clubs are set in stone, I fear not, though none of us know for definate, in my opinion the board must have thought about this long & hard as the easy decision would have been to follow the pack & vote no which would have also pleased most of the fans, they did not do this & I'm sure they knew about the fans threats of boycots etc so I applaud them for being honest & open about their decision which would not have been an easy one & again in my opinion should not have been the SFL clubs to make. I have supported Queens all my life & will still be there this coming season.
Warren Lythgoe
14/07/2012 09:40:00
Appalling decision by Queens board.As a club who have suffered more than most (Cup Final) from the Rangers illegal behaviour I thought there would have been a bit more interest in justice and integrity. Good Bye Queens I'll never be back (37 years support down the pan).
14/07/2012 09:46:00
Ashamed to be a QOS supporter this morning. Don't get to many games these days but try when I can. The BOD should hang their heads in shame. I dont understand the logic of coming out in public saying they voted yes when they knew it was a done deal of no. All they will get it reduced/no away fans, some home fans, ridicule and loss of money. Only think I can think of is they want to be seen in the good books for potential SPL2 candidates. If this every comes to fruition I guess my days of going to any QOS home game is numbered. Terrible decision.
Scott Thomson
14/07/2012 10:34:00
I have been a supporter of QoS since the early 70's, but I will not put one penny more into the club while the current BoD are in place.
Chris McKie
14/07/2012 10:37:00
In answer to M. Johnston above, your comments fail to consider a number of crucial factors. Firstly, the SPL has a contractual obligation to pay the annual settlement. There is no wriggle room here; it is a legally binding document and the price they have to pay for breaking away in 1998. Secondly, the obvious decision for the board to have taken would have been to vote to redress the balance in Scottish football. This could only be done with the SFL upholding the integrity of the sporting contest, its clubs sticking together and forcing through change at the top. The real villains of the piece are Doncaster and Regan, of course, but our decision to vote with the small minority of SFL clubs means that we condone cheating. Finally, if the board had been open and honest they would have informed the fans how they intended to vote in advance of the meeting, just as many other clubs managed to do in the run up to yesterday’s vote. The fact there is a statement on the official site now announcing our act of betrayal merely confirms what was leaked to the press. There was never going to be any hiding place; the truth will out. We all remember the comment made on the Official Site: “…the fans should rest assured they are being listened to.” Our board have acted in a cowardly manner and there can be no justification for the sell out. At least now we all know where we stand. For the record, I’ll still go to as many games as possible, support the team on the park and will never give up on Queens. However, I now believe that we lack credible leadership in the boardroom due to the myopic actions of Mr Hewitson yesterday.
14/07/2012 10:49:00
Absolutely disgraceful decision. Will always be a queens supporter but won't be back under the current regime. Why should I put money into the club when they clearly don't care one iota what the fans think?
john twiname
14/07/2012 11:17:00
Denis Park
14/07/2012 13:50:00
I am embarrassed and ashamed to be a queen of the south supporter this morning. When i saw the vote result yesterday i prayed that queens weren't one of the five. Absolutely gutted. How can the club be so far removed from the views of their fans? They are the life blood of any club. I'll not be renewing my season ticket this year. Nor my wee boys. I am one very disgruntled punter at the moment.
James Burns
14/07/2012 14:04:00
Having had time to calm down from the disappointing decision the BoD made yesterday, it's time to re-post. Still thoroughly disgusted with the board for making the wrong decision regarding the 'Newco.' Saying I won't be back at Palmerston was a bit harsh, however. It is not the club who should be punished for the misdemeanours of the board. The club will remain as will the fans, the present board are temporary. However, I would ask them how they now feel with regards to their vote? Do you still think it was the correct decision, in light of 99% of QoS fans calling for our BoD to vote against the 'Newco' being entered into Division 1? Do you feel that you have really portrayed the best interests of Queen of the South by voting yes? As I said, my anger towards the vote lead me to say I would not be at Palmerston again. This was an over-reaction. By boycotting home games, I am damaging the club I love. This is not a constructive way of portraying my anger towards you, the BoDs. I will always make an effort to attend QoS games home and away. What I would ask is that the board evaluate their position within the club. I do not feel that the current BoDs are one in which are able to take our club forward given yesterdays vote. You certainly do not take any interest in fans opinions, and without fans, we have no club. I feel betrayed by you and do not trust that you have the best interests of my club at heart. Yesterdays vote was probably the biggest decision clubs have had to face in Scottih Football, and our club had a real chance to show that they were against everything which Rangers represented over the past decade, namely corruption, cheating and greed. You decided to tarnish the good reputation of our club by voting yes, in pursuit of a quick buck, instead of integrity which is paramount in our game. I ask you, the BoDs to seriously consider your position at the club. The damage done to the club by voting yes is very clear. Fans of other clubs have now decided to boycott our ground and a good proportion of home fans will now not attend as a consequence of the vote as well, and that will hurt our club more than the prediciment that faces us with the newco in division 3.
Brian h
14/07/2012 14:05:00
Delighted that common sense prevailed and that Newco were to start afresh from Division 3. Then horror of horrors to learn that the BOD were not privy to common sense. Deeply depressing to be deemed outwith the body of opinion in Scottish football. An apology is essential in which the BOD , and unlike others, i do not wish to hear of reasons, as the damage has been done, will say that they have brought shame on the club, and have no alternative, but to resign. Then they can take their lack of integrity elsewhere, into other ventures, where money is more important than accountability( no pun intended). There are positions open in the Banking world.........cheerio
14/07/2012 18:28:00
The Rangers fans among you on the board must have been desperate ! I would doubt that a warm match day welcome awaits you in the various board rooms around Div 2 this season. Time to go gents !
David Henderson
14/07/2012 18:53:00
Yes.....what can I add to the obvious disaapointment and shame in the BOD's? The only thing I would like to contribute is, would their vote be the same for any other club other than Rangers? and I include the other half of the old firm in that question? Further, the BOD's then obviously believe rules are not rules, it depends who you are and they are there to be broken if it benefits yourself? But, in this case what are the benefits of voting for Div 1 for the newco and for who? The club? (QOS) Possibly. Have they voted the way they have for some future nod and a wink, we scratched your back now you scratch ours? Who knows, but one thing for sure is we might as well chuck the rule book out if the Rangers newco end up anywhere else but the third division. Should Gretna then be re-installed to Div 1 also? We all make mistakes and the BOD have just made a howler. Inexperience? who knows but they are all experienced in directing their respective areas of business I am assuming? Is there someway that the fans of the club can officially distance themselves from the decision of the board but declaring their continued support for the club as a whole? An announcement in the Daily Ranger perhaps?
alistair murray
14/07/2012 19:13:00
embarassed, disgusted and humiliated. 1st time i`ve ever used these words in association with being a queen`s fan!
14/07/2012 19:29:00
as a shareholder I am disgusted by the bods yes vote. you say it was in the interest of shareholders that you voted yes. how can this be when you,ve chased away a large section of the support. did you ever think to canvas the shareholders, most of whom are ordinary fans not in it for the money, if you had done this I,m pretty sure the vast majority would have told you to vote NO. I fear as someone else has said you have made us a pariah and this stain/stygma could be with us for life. I am deeply saddened by your stance.
john twiname
14/07/2012 20:10:00
call a shareholders meeting and this board can leave. you never asked them nor listend to the fans let the fans know which director voted for or against or did they just follow davie rae waphlin in d record, he will get his way to have cows on the park but he will get a subsady he will need it with no fans
Iain Crosbie
14/07/2012 21:41:00
I am very disappointed that the BoD voted as it did. The name of our club has been brought into disrepute in the eyes of the vast majority of SFL clubs. I hope and pray that we do not see an emergence of an SPL 2, involving QoS, as a bribe. That would be truly shameful, in my opinion.
14/07/2012 23:16:00
Whilst, as I previously posted, I consider the correct decision has been made and the newco will start in division 3, I just want to say that I fully back Queens decision and will most definitely be at Palmerston next season. As a supporter I don't feel we have all the facts surrounding the whole thing. I suspect the club don't either, but I presume they have more information that I do and therefore have no choice but to place my trust in their hands.
Paul McEan
15/07/2012 01:39:00
In response to callum. Do our board have more information than the 25 SFL clubs who voted no to newco in SFL1? I somehow do not think so! You are missing the point , which is sporting integrity within our game. This is what has angered fans and nothing more. I cannot support this sorry excuse for a board of directors.
David Henderson
15/07/2012 09:49:00
I agree with Paul. All the clubs will have made their decision based on the same information. And, to be honest, to be prepared to just blindly follow follow and trust your board without question is clearly folly?!
Kevin Donnelly
15/07/2012 13:28:00
I am sorry but I am typing this after drying the tears of laughter from my eyes having read the board's statement on the website. Who is responsible for this as they should get a job with the BBC in the light entertainment department, its comedy gold. To try and rescue the situation the board needs to come up with some hard facts and figures which will back up the wafer thin gloss they have tried to put on their decision to put Sevco in SFL 1. If anyone can put forward any type of projections of KNOWN loss of revenue with Sevco in Div 3 it might help their argument but all we are going on in the media is a figure of £16 million being lost to the game without any firm breakdown of where that would be lost. Is there any idea what we might gain with them in SFL 1? The board has lost the faith of the fans and this statement will do nothing to win it back.
Graham H
15/07/2012 13:29:00
Mealy mouthed words will not cover this disgrace. Scared something else would not happen unless voted yes, even knowing that we were in a minority. Pathetic. Time to sell up and move on. Football has a long memory, this will not be forgotten for decades!
Max Nowell
15/07/2012 13:35:00
Completely disgusted and furious at this betrayal of the fans and the condoning of financial and footballing cheating. I persevered as often as I could with last season's on-field garbage, having not looked forward to the season much, but I was fired up about the changes we'd made in the close season and this year's prospects. Now, I'm totally disillusioned and will certainly not be turning up at Palmerston to be counted as yet another supporter to be insulted by this lick-spittle, blue-nose Board of Directors.
A Smith
15/07/2012 14:00:00
Firstly, credit where it is due, well done to the Board for issuing another statement. However, very sorry to say that I don't think this will improve supporters' confidence in the Board. There isn't much evidence in the statement, especially lacking regards finance. Where, for example, is the evidence that the negative impact on supporters of a yes vote, and the financial consequences, had been considered? Too much more here to criticise I'm afraid. Very, very, disappointed.
Neil Dickson
15/07/2012 14:16:00
I find it quite ironic that Queen of the South, my club who appealed for fans to donate money to ensure its future last season, decided to vote without ever acknowledging or publishing the results of the Queen of the South Trusts views, or hold a meeting to take into account the views of the many fans who are shareholders of this club. It leaves me in a position where the fans opinion is of no interest. The current board are, and always will be, responsible for severely damaging the reputation of this club. The new statement released is again without any hard facts. I will still attend games but I can guarantee that the fans are only there because of the time and effort we have put into ensuring the survival of our home town club. An utter shambles from the board.
Eric Fisher
15/07/2012 15:32:00
A well prepared and researched statement providing some welcome relief from the rhetoric that is currently appearing on Message Boards and elsewhere including this Blog ..... Queens Mad - - Queen's fans most popular Unofficial Website ...
Andrew Smith
15/07/2012 22:47:00
If the board believe the first part of the statement, about sporting integrity, they should have voted NO to resolution 1. Simple as that.
malcolm campbell
15/07/2012 23:05:00
Part of the statement also says although we voted contrary to the views of the fans this does not mean the same as ignoring them!!! Naw what it means is we HAVE read your pleas but we don't give a toss what you think, here's two fingers to the lot of you fans!!!!
Brian G
16/07/2012 09:09:00
If all these so called fans are so upset with the BOD's descisions then they should put their hands in their pockets buy shares and vote at the AGM same as all the directors are doing. Am absolutely sick and tired of all the bile some of them are coming out with. YUR HAME TEAM'S YUR AIN TEAM
Geoff L
16/07/2012 11:10:00
Thank you for the lengthy statement. It's more than has been offered by some clubs that reached a similar decision. However, it sheds little light on why such a decision was made. The statement contains many contradictions and appears to suggest that Regan and Doncaster's combination of threats and bribes has won the day. Odd then that the board is so angry about the conduct of these two individuals. I would absolutely defend your right, as directors to contradict fan opinion in deciding on this. In doing so however, your reasoning must be sound, logical and clear. In this statement, it's not. As I suspect you now realise, you got it wrong, on several levels.
Paul McEwan
16/07/2012 13:54:00
To Brian G. What is this bile that us (as fans) are supposed to be spouting? As far as I can see the only bile has been coming from our own BOD's. Firstly, I would like to say that I have supported QOS since I was 5 years old, I am now 38. I attend most home and away games every season - and home games are a 150 mile round trip for me. To suggest that the only way I can get my point across to the current BOD is by buying shares is ridiculous - is that not why this blog is here? - to allow fans to allow us to get our point across. Unless there is an apology and a retract of the decision from our BOD I cannot and will not support this current BOD. Sporting integrity is important to me - if it is not to you then fine. The reason we (Scottish football) is in such a mess is due to the severe lack of sporting integrity (or fair play) within our game ever since the SPL was incepted. To support the decision by our board (which in my view - and that of many fans is to support bribery, threats and corruption from the SPL) is disgraceful. Again - you call the fans' comments as bile. I beg to differ.
Brian G
16/07/2012 15:05:00
To Paul Is it fair to be abused for doing what you think is right, should we always go with the flow even though we disagree, or should we respect our board in this difficult time and try to move on and concentrate our efforts on gaining promotion back into D1 rather than threaten our clubs existence by calling for boycotts, demanding refunds on season tickets and generally causing unrest within the rank and file of the supporters of our great club. If you want to see our club go the same way as Rangers and probably a few more of our senior clubs then by all means boycott the club you claim to support
Walt Adamson
16/07/2012 17:08:00
So basically, the board gambled the goodwill of the vast majority of supporters and the notion of sporting integrity on what on the face of it sound like some pretty flimsy suggestions on reconstruction, because that would be preferential to the Newco being placed in a league that it looks increasingly likely that they will not end up being placed in anyway with no vague discussions of reconstruction. And they clearly must have approached the vote with a pretty strong indication of how the result was going to go, meaning that there was ultimately nothing to gain in terms of the reasons that they put forward for voting in the way that they did, and everything to lose in terms of the goodwill of the vast majority of fans. It all boils down to some pretty monumentally bad judgements. Will the board at least admit that they called it wrong? A full and frank apology would go along way to healing some of the rifts that have opened up.
Andy P
16/07/2012 22:32:00
Disappointed with the decision to vote this way. All the more so since was really starting to look forward to the coming season, but right now just a wee bit embarrassed about the Queens.
Euan Maxwell
16/07/2012 23:51:00
What was the point in embarrassing the club when you already knew that the majority of clubs were voting 'no´! Once again the board has let the club down! For some people this will be the last straw! Don´t care what you´s have to say now your actions in the past have been enough to make people turn away from this once proud club and now this? GREAT!!!!
Gordon McKerrow
17/07/2012 18:11:00
The Board has made a dreadful decision. The rules are apparently good enough for Livingston but not for the old firm and can be bent at will. The four aspects which you mention to justify your decision are full of contradictions. You admit yourselves that League reconstruction should not have been part of the decision process. You admit that Finance was not a primary consideration. You admit that if Rangers do enter the Third Division you’ve got it wrong. You’ve listened to the Fans, whose views coincide with the vast majority of SFL clubs, but then ignore their views completely. I thought about withdrawing our modest sponsorship but we have given our verbal agreement, and why penalise the club when it will need all the financial and vocal support it can get? Admit you got it wrong, stand up tall and apologise to the fans, for without them in the future our club amounts to absolutely nothing except what’s written in the history books.
Chuck Dickson
18/07/2012 08:17:00
I agree that cutbacks had to be made to keep the club solvent. However the rest of the statement has far too many contradictions. I have also spent a little time researching the so called investors in Rangers. I will be amazed if the SFA sanction their takeover. Heaven help Rangers if they do.
18/07/2012 18:55:00
Has the blog been closed?
David Henderson
18/07/2012 20:09:00
it will re-appear as blog newco in the SP hell ;-) Away back up in the thread there was a mention of having a say by purchasing shares? I have to say I think most of the share holders views will have been ignored too, the bulk and controlling volume held by the board and Mr Rae. Buy shares? I don't think so!
23/07/2012 11:09:00
Did the board not announce months ago that there were no more shares to purchase ?
Brian C
25/07/2012 10:33:00
Sometimes we all get things wrong, this time the board has misjudged things. However it takes courage to admit a mistake and the board should look at their selves, and think that if they have got it wrong,admit it, or stick to their convictions if they still believe they did the right thing. To the board,I say, talk to us,Mark, you have been notable for your current absence from the blog, it is there to communicate to the fans, so use it to admit a mistake, which is the hardest option for the board, or use it to justify your decision, or the worst thing for everyone is to ignore the situation and let it get worse and worse and just say nothing. Please communicate to us
25/07/2012 22:57:00
We the fans are never told anything my feelings on the board of directors are they arent fit to run the club they just dont care about the fans just themselves and thier pockets they proved that in the vote im disgusted with the Board but i dont support the board i support Magic and the boys so you can stuff your board they cant admit they were wrong even if they had the balls to say sorry now i think the damage has already been done another pr disaster for this board they should all seek to be elected on the spl sfl board as they couldnt run a piss up in a brewary between them there a joke
25/07/2012 23:48:00
With regards to the vote on the now by far tedious 'soap opera' that is/was Glasgow Rangers/Sevco/Newco or whatever they are refered to as now. Was it ever the BoD's intentions to actually take any heed of the fans feelings or opinions with regards to it, or was it merely a very thin veiled poor attempt of a PR stunt that exploded beyond all means? Surely the BoD were in the loop with regards to what was being brokered as to allow the Newco to be parachuted straight in to the SFL1? And with due respect I very much doubt the decision was made overnight to vote 'YES' so it puzzles me as to why you even considered the 'fans' opinions, in fact it would have made more sense to publicy state that the BoD had reached a conclusion as to the vote on be it either financial, commercial, goodwill or whatever than have suggested that you were prepared to listen to the fans!! Maybe had you done this the smell of bull excrement emanating from the inner depths of Palmerston might not be as pungent as it is at present! I must add that it was a nice touch as well, wheeling out the now retired chairman Mr Rae to forewarn the fans through the media that the club would be voting 'YES', the same Mr Rae that seemed to be curtailed for the most of last season from being left alone in an empty room with the press!!
Malcolm McGillivray
26/07/2012 14:18:00
Hi Mark, I just want to say that whilst the Board appear to have ignored the wishes of what appears to be a majority of the Queens’ supporters who wrote into your Blog, I’m sure that the Board, collectively, believed that you were doing the right thing. It is however, in my opinion, quite ludicrous that the “powers that be” have ever, ever allowed Scottish Football to get into such a mess. Someone should have had the foresight, surely, to make provision for clubs to go into administration, with the state of the world it was somehow inevitable and it’s happened south of the border to big clubs, Leeds, Portsmouth etc. The new season starts on Saturday and I believe that all the true and loyal Queens fans, even if they disagreed with the Board’s decision, bury the hatchet and get behind Magic and the boys and cheer them back into Division 1, I for one am looking forward to a far better campaign than the one we witnessed last year. I think we’ll see goals and invention and some really enjoyable football. Come on one and all let’s support our team and look forward to proudly wearing our Championship Winners scarves in May 2013. One personal request, any chance of getting PB back on loan from the Pars, he brought us great luck and was a true delight to watch ... again, in my opinion?!
27/07/2012 18:21:00
With hindsight, do you not think you might have upset a few people with the Sevco decision? I would have thought that if you ask yourselves that question and come to the obvious conclusionthat the decision was wrong and an apology would be in order. I also think it would help the board of directors in no small way in attempting to mend the relationship with the clubs fans if you would do so. Please do the right thing, for the club and apologise and beg for forgiveness.
18/08/2012 16:53:00
Great start to the season but I think its terrible that Johnson is still feeling the need to be playing. Why not support the boys by being their manager! These young ones that are not getting an chance to show what they have, McShane, Black etc. When new management came in he said that he had a strong young team that we would see more of! WHEN?????