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Mark Robertson - Director QOS

Update - Organisational Changes at the club
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 30/04/2012 14:05:00

Not a full blog post this time, but an update on recent changes at the club.

I note the fans comments re the organisational changes being made at the club recently and some could not be further from the truth. As I have always said I will not answer matters that are private to the club but would add that we as Directors have an obligation to keep this club the right side of the law. Therefore we will always do what is right; no one is bigger than this great club.

Look out for another full blog post soon.


paul pearson
30/04/2012 17:55:00
Mark, What has happened to our pitch. Even in the eighties when we had a very poor team we at least had a tremendous playing surface. Now we have both a poor team and playing surface. What had caused the change in the quality of our turf. All the managers who come to Palmy comment on our bumpy surface and are less than complimentary. Is there a reason why we now have such a bumpy pitch?
Hi Paul. Unfortunately we could not invest in the playing surface as much as we would have liked last season but we have plans to spend a substantial amount this close season to bring the playing surface back to its best.
john twiname
30/04/2012 20:44:00
well it took youes along time to see through mcphersons attituid to q o s he never gave his all for the team he keept on saying its the players but he was manager and did nothing he should have went 6 months ago no wait he should not have been hear atall so mr rae will get his chance to put cows on the park because icant see any other reson for him being there lets hope he walks with the manager we have lost all that wasdone inthe last few years now its divison two what next you can tell iam and the rest of the loyal supporters dissapointed it just seem there was no effort put in even 2 month ago when the singens where their no efort from team or manager or director
Hi John. All now in the past but disagree with the no effort comment. Unfortunately just not good enough. Let’s move on together.
30/04/2012 20:53:00
Hi Mark, Firstly, i'd just like to say how glad i am to see the back of that cabaret act Gus & Andy. However, i'm confused by Macpherson comments to the media. He told BBC Scotland 'I had a chat with the board six weeks ago and told them it would be my intention to resign'. This contradicts your statement on the 19th of April. In case you have forgotten your comments you said the following: 'However, what I can tell you is that Gus is 100% behind this club and would sign a new contract tomorrow if presented to him'. My question is this, is Gus telling fibs or did you deliberetely set out to mislead the supporters? If it is true that he intimated his desire to resign at the end of the campaign he should have been sacked on the spot. In the final few games of the season you need everyone pulling in the right direction. However, Gus clearly saw his future away from the club. Perhaps, this explains the lack of spirit and effort in the home defeat to Partick? I don't know what is more unforgivable; the fact that you mislead the fans or that you allowed that half-hearted incompetent to take us down. All the best
Iain. The Board or I have never misled the fans so take from that what you will.
01/05/2012 13:05:00
I've got to say that the whole idea of the blog is great and gives the fans a greater insight into what is happening at the club. If the case above is true about Gus' comments then perhaps it would be more professional not to comment upon the matter. However, it is just one persons word against another and to me that is the past. I've got to say that I am bitterly disappointed to be back in the same position as to where we were when I started supporting Queens over 20 years ago. I think that the key year was after the Scottish cup final when the club had the opportunity to use the cash to make a push for promotion. We seemed to give it a half hearted attempt, neither giving us the squad to make the push for promotion but instead just squandering the money on a squad which gave a glimmer of hope. This I feel has led to the shortcomings of the last two years and the restraints that have been put in place. However I do feel that the board need to put their hands up to appointing an incompetent manager who seemed to have no idea of any attacking tactics. Surely appointing a manager who can operate on a shoe string budget and has a greater tactical knowledge would have been more suitable. Why was he not sacked earlier in the season as at no point did things look as though they were going to improve. Surely the severance that would have been payable would be a lot less than the income lost from dropping down a division. A business decision that the board are responsible for.
Hi Scott. We brought in an experienced Manager who knew how to battle it out in a tough league with a budget which we felt could keep us in the 1st Division. Unfortunately it did not.
01/05/2012 13:29:00
What has happened has happened. We now need to look forward and not look back at what might have been. We cannot change the past but hopefully we can contribute positively to a rosier future for the club
Hi Chuck. Thanks for your support.
02/05/2012 09:26:00
Like every supporter I too am disappointed at the way the season has ended.It's easy to blame the Manager (who did not have a lot of time to assemble a squad and who, according to reports,had a far smaller budget than his predecessor)but the problem started long before Gus was appointed. However agree with Chuck, the past is the past and it's onwards and upwards. We've got a great bunch of young players coming through and this together with the appointment of a Manager, with good coaching skills and experience, will I am sure get us back into the First Division.
Hi Bernard. We also see a bright future.
Paul smith
02/05/2012 11:21:00
I find it amazing people always slag the manager first to those who posted stuff about Andy and Gus, may I add you don't really know them so why post stuff. How are you supposed to keep a team in the first division on a paper thin budget. I know for a fact they worked as hard as if not harder than most of the other managers in the first division. It's easy to blame the manager but everyone has to look at themselves and ask could they have done better their are plenty of players that most certainly could have.
Hi Paul. The Management team did work hard and were very professional in carrying out their duties. Unfortunately it did not work out.
Eric Fisher
02/05/2012 11:26:00
I am not in the camp that continually slags of Management and Players - I leave that to the usual suspects on the Queens Mad Message Board. It has been a disappointing season but I wish Gus and Andy all the best who had a tough job keeping us in the Division with virtually a scratch team under difficult financial constraints. I welcome the decision to remain full-time and there seems to be a positive approach by the board to get Queens back to the First Division as soon as possible. Regards, Eric Fisher - Queens Mad Website -
Hi Eric. Thanks for your positive comments
Nathan Maxwell
02/05/2012 13:19:00
The only thing i disagree with is how long the players trained for, if the rumoured time is correct of an hour and a half to 2 hours is correct, i don't see what could be improved in that amount of time. Surely being full time means there in basically all day? Like to applaud you's for staying Full time, and the positive article by Hewitson and yourself, turned me from doom and gloom to being a bit optimistic. Now for getting the right man in charge and tackling this second division! Mon the south
Hi Nathan. Thanks for your support.
Sandy Douglas
02/05/2012 13:24:00
Despite living in the south of England since 1963 I remain a fervent Queens supporter having been a season ticket holder in the days of Jim Patterson, Wattie Rothera, Bobby Black etc. I was very sad to see the Club relegated and just hope that the new folks around Palmerston will be successful in getting the Queens back into the First Division by the end of next season. All the best to everybody involved.
Hi Sandy. Thanks for your support and we will do our best.
Sandy Orr
02/05/2012 16:29:00
Hi Mark, I'm concerned about the comment in today's announcement that the club is looking to bring the training closer to Dumfries. I spoke to several QoS players (at that time) at a fundraiser for Trust. All of them made clear that had the training not been in Glasgow or the vicinity of the Central Belt they would have probably not signed for the club. Whilst I understand the need for the club to be community orientated I feel if we are to attract a high calibre of full time players for next season campaign the training must remain in the vicinity of the central belt. Regards, Sandy.
Hi Sandy. Our statement is that it is our intention to bring the players closer to Dumfries. This will take time but it is a bit away yet.
John Allison
02/05/2012 18:02:00
Hi Mark, Thanks for the blog - great to have an online forum like this. Yes, it's been a very disappointing season - results haven't made my drives home to Yorkshire after another defeat on a cold dark night a pleasant journey. But rather than focus on the downsides of relegation let's look for the positives. In the last 10 years we've seen promotion to Div1, won the Challenge Cup and been to another final, been to an SFA final and into Europe. This season we've got some excellent youngsters into the side, Danny Carmichael, Kevin Holt and Gavin Reilly, and our youngsters have made a Hampden Final against Celtic, so its not been all bad. These youngsters need careful nurturing to form the basis of our future senior side. I can't comment on the structural reorganisation but trust it will make us stronger financially so we don't end up in the same position of many clubs, administration! let's rebuild from a firm foundation and get behind the team for a quick return to Div 1. Finally, has the idea of encouraging the purchase of season tickets at reduced prices if there is a commitment by a given number of fans to buy tickets a la Hartlepool Utd been taken any further - bigger crowds potentially more income would be helpful to the club....Hartlepool's crowds are well up this season. Best rgds
Hi John. Thanks for your positive comments and yes we are planning to do something with season tickets next year. Our commercial team are working on this at the moment.
02/05/2012 19:31:00
Hi Mark just picking on a point raised by john allison . i also think it would be a good idea to reduce season ticket prices on a sliding scale if supporters give commitment Livingstone also advertise a slideing scale on tickets bought BestRegards
Hi Brian. Refer to above answer.
charlie cavaghan
03/05/2012 10:33:00
Sad to see Queens go down. However it is an opportunity to to sort out the finances, management and playing staff. The club is still big enough to attract players good enough to get Queens out of the 2nd division.
Hi Charlie. Agree.
Iain Dickie
03/05/2012 11:33:00
Very sad to see Queens relegated and I hope things can be turned around quickly and Queens can bounce straight back up. What concerns me as a supporter is that Gus and Andy have admitted they had intended to walk away at the end of the season six weeks ago - to fans of the club that seems a bit of an insult and why where we kept in the dark about it, I'm sure if any of the fans had known this then they would have wanted them both out before the end of the season - you wonder if their hearts where in it and the players too not knowing what their futures hold. I certain people haven't been honest and a lot of confusion reigns with the statement that Gus would sign a contract tommorrow if offered (strange). I agree that I don't think the management was entirely to blame, they started with nothing and some players didn't perform or work out. I do think we have some really promising young players and we should look to keep them on and add a few players who have done it at lower division level. I'm not sure about these guys from Carlisle buying David Raes shares - but I do think it's time for David Rae to call it a day and have a complete freshen up at Queens. Ticket prices need to be lowered and encourage more kids to come and watch queens (a new start, a new generation of fans) - loyal fans willl always stay no matter what. Good luck Queens!
Hi Iain. Same reply to the 1st part of your question as I have to Terry above. The consortium was not right for this club and therefore it did not have board support. As for ticket prices we will be announcing later this week and we will be reducing them but we need to understand to stay full time and make a push to go straight back up takes costs money.
Douglas Alexander
03/05/2012 17:33:00
Also saddened by relegation but please to see that apperently positive staps are being taken. I assume that finance, particularly cash flow is a problem on top of difficulties in finding the right playing, coaching and management personnel. Norwich City (I live in Norfolk) have maintained a high current level and future demand for season tickets even whilst in the third tier of English football by such innovations as introducing payment by Direct Debit, thus spreading the cost and making it affordable for more people, as well as a return, credit and resale on a one match basis. New circumstances require new thinking. All the best for the future and my continued support for what its worth so far away!
Hi Douglas. Nice to hear from you and thanks for your comments. Make sure if you are in the area you touch base and we will look after you.
04/05/2012 10:59:00
Hi Mark Nice to see the board have appointed A.Johnson Has manager somebody with a footballing brain good luck to him maybe a defensive asst coach needed to help somebody like big jim t
Hi Brian. See post on official website from earlier today.
Eric Fisherantyta
04/05/2012 18:59:00
Far too many cowards hide behind keyboards and slag off Queens players and Officials without even considering what damage they do to our grand wee club. I make no attempt to conceal my identify and will face up to anyone who tries to slag off my club who I have supported for more than half a century. Let's get behind MAGIC and hope for better times ahead. Eric Fisher - C0-Editor - Queens MAD -
Hi Eric. Thanks again your support is much appreciated. We believe Allan will be a great success and has announced his number two today.
05/05/2012 17:30:00
Soon Annan Ath will be the major team in the SW, many of us doonhamers watch on with amazement at the constant weekly dissapointments, there will of course be all the excuses and positive thinking about what the future will hold........ but in honesty we're bang on form...... check the history books...... you have to remember every Sat is just a jolly for the directors, sitting in the Tartan Lounge (what a koke!) get real....... the pitch and backline management are a joke...... they don't care..... its all about backhanders and friends of friends......... glad I don't pay a penny anymore to those paracites....... have a clean out and some of us may just start returning.........
Hi Grant. You are entitled to your opinion but I do not agree with your comments. If you think being a Director of this great club is about sitting in a Directors box then you are sadly mistaken. For information the pitch is currently being invested in.
John Allison
05/05/2012 23:25:00
Hi Mark, Though we lost today what a refreshing performance. Entertainment....enthusiasm from every part of the team....great performance all round. If Alan Johnson can make that sort of a difference in one game we can be optimistic for next season. Best regards
Hi John. Thanks for your comments but we should not get too carried away with one end of season game.
06/05/2012 09:46:00
Hi Mark Great to see that Magic is new manager at least he is a queens man,Is he or the board going to give our young guns a chance to shine in the 2nd division next season. The likes of Black,McShane,Degnan,orsi and rilley could walk into any team in that league so is it your intensions to get them signed up or just let our young talent walk.
Hi Mark. See latest announcement on the official website
Mike Wilson
06/05/2012 11:09:00
Mark, It is great to see the clubs intention to remain full time next season as this demonstrates a commitment to return ti the 1st division as quickly as possible. The appointment of Alan Johnson as Manager must be seen as a bit of a risk, lacking any experience in that area, however tis can be tempered by the appointment of a sound experienced assistant. A reduction in prices and an entertaining brand of exciting football will get the fans back behind the club. Onwards and upwards. All the best
Hi Mike. See Official website announcement from earlier today.
07/05/2012 17:41:00
Lst Saturday I arrived at the ground later than usual (around 1455hrs), to find that there were no programs available. All sold out. Don't really understand this given that the crowd was no greater than usual. Are we cutting back on the numbers printed? I fully understand the need to cut costs but running out of programs before the game has even started is surely not an acceptable situation?
Hi Kev. Not aware of any cut backs but there might have been an uplift as it was the Chairman’s last game
10/05/2012 09:40:00
Mark I noticed that snippets of our home games have been appearing in the last few months on Border TVs Monday News programme - I presume they get these from QOS TV so was wondering if the club receives a fee for allowing them to be shown.
Hi Bruce. Was not aware will check it out.
Peter Taylor
12/05/2012 23:23:00
I have always followed Queens always will true supporters are there week in week out.I did that until i left for western australia In the 42 years i have promoted Queens and taken lot of slag.I put a sign up at our golf course ( 8th tee ) Queen of the South f.c. Scotland it is a real talking point for those who know Queens ( Poms do to ). I have never believed in negative comments we should stick together and bring back the glory days.I will be over this year in September hope to see a few games. Being 63 i will have little chance of another holiday when i retire in a few years but i have booked one the 100 years of Queen of the South when it comes. Lets all support Queens and get them back up there with the best. Peter Taylor Manjimup Western Australia.
Hi Peter. Great to hear from you. Please touch base on your return and you can join us in the board room for the day.
malcolm campbell
13/05/2012 13:21:00
Although i'm delighted the club are deciding to stay full time and also looking to bounce straight back up to the first devision. I cant help but think you must be keeping admission prices at an already expensive price! After comparing all second div teams, theres an average of 10 to 13 quid. I would have said if you dropped down to a tenner along with a team playing well you would get a decent crowd rather than having a next to empty stadium!!
Hi Malcolm. As stated in previous reply we will be announcing ticket prices later this week but it will not be £10 as the model will not work. We are going all out to return to the 1st Division and that costs money.
Finlay McCall
14/05/2012 18:20:00
As a younger supporter of Queens, can I just say that this blog is fantastic!! I think the appointment of Allan Johnston as manager is a fantastic decision and he has already been getting what looks to be a strong 2nd Division side assembled.However, I was just wondering how much (as a rough figure) ticket prices will be? I do think they are a bit expensive and I also fear that the Palmy faithful will disappear as a result! 100% confident that Queens can go straight back up next season! many thanks.
Hi Finlay. Thanks for your kind words of support. We have today posted the tickets prices for next season and thought long and hard before doing so. It is a difficult one this year as we have decided to stay full time and push for promotion straight back up. Unfortunately therefore we cannot drop the prices as much as we would have liked. Mark R
14/05/2012 22:04:00
As I am also a young queens fan aswell I. Cwas wondering about the prices as im still at school but over ,16 I was wondering if there could be a season ticket for 16-19 year olds as it is a big jump up from 18 pounds to the adults price, a few of my mates woukd probably come back aswell as last season they hardly attended many games as they had to pay adults when there 17 , they like the idea of a season ticket for 16-19 year olds and was wondering what your take on this was? on another note the plyers magic has managed to keep is brilliant and looks good for future , thanks
Hi Jack. Thanks for your support. Please see my response about to Finlay. Mark R
malcolm campbell
15/05/2012 07:28:00
I will go watch queens whatever the price, but to ask for daft prices in the 2nd division your just asking for poor crowds!!!!! But if that's what it takes for us to go straight back up then so be it!
Hi Malcolm. It has been a hard decision on prices but one which I hope the fans will understand. Mark R
Ian Atkins
17/05/2012 18:25:00
Has the BOD considered naming rights to palmerston as a way of major sponsorship. Clubs like Dumbarton and Stirling already do this
Hi Ian. To be honest with you, it was mention last year and should be something we should re consider. Mark R
Ian Atkins
17/05/2012 18:35:00
When will we hear which players are being freed and leaving Queens
Hi Ian. We have no plans to announce who will be leaving but concentrate on announcing who we are signing. Mark R
18/05/2012 08:38:00
I agree with Malcom Campbell re pricing in these tough economic times it would be nice if our team met us half way and listened to our views. The words come and support us and your hame team is your ain team spring to mind but it is a two way street so come on queens better with 3 thousand in Palmy at ten quid than 900 at 17 crowds generate atmosphere atmosphere = better performances = bigger crowds simples.
Hi Cully. Hopefully I have given the answer above but would also like to add that we did try and reduce ticket prices last year but did not get uplift in the crowd. Mark R
Ross Corbett
22/05/2012 10:55:00
.First of all nice touch by the board offering an early bird purchase offer on the season tickets and also a big well done on keeping the junior blues the same great value £18.Just a bit concerned Queens have not done a season ticket at a reduced rate for the 16-18/19 year old age bracket as its become very obvious especially over the last 2 or 3 seasons that this is the age bracket that are turning their back on the club not through choice but though affordibility.As the majority of these kids are either still in education or are unemployed.May have been worth a try extending the junior blues to 18 and under.This is also the age bracket that has been lost to the travelling support
Hi Ross. As you will see from the Website we have addressed this point. Mark R
Fraser Agnew
22/05/2012 13:22:00
Agree fully with the comments from Ross Corbett above. Something must be done for the 16-19 year olds who have followed the club from a young age. Some of these guys and girls have followed the club for the last 10 years. Then they leave school, cannot get a job due to the current state of the country and to ask them to pay £15 a game is a bit steep. I understand the reasons for only dropping adult/concession prices by £2 a game, and fully support the clubs ambitions to get back into the first division. But if the Board want to look at ways of benefiting the club long term they need to ensure that on the most part people who want to come to Palmerston to watch their team can afford to do so. In addition to this, I think a good idea would be to introduce some sort of money off voucher for the new shop when purchasing a season ticket. Even if this is only £5 off when you spend £20+ surely this will get people into the shop and spending some money on the new top/scarfs. Keep up the good work and good luck to the board,manager and team in the coming season!!
Hi Fraser. Refer to answer above. As for the shop I am sure commercial will be doing specials for the fans. Mark R
22/05/2012 13:25:00
Hi Mark, I understand that you are under no obligation to give the figure but what home attendance level do you require for the model to work? Obviously the weighting of Adults, OAP's and juniors is important to this, but a rough idea of your overall expectations would give a guide idea of the survival requirements. I was expecting the prices to be a little bit lower to encourage demand. My dad has been a season ticket holder for a number of years and at 64 does not qualify for the OAP rates. As a retired gentleman I would not expect that he would like to pay £230 to see division 2 football. I believe that the pricing structure will push peoples loyalty during difficult economic times.
Hi Scotty. I do understand your Dad’s situation but we need to try and make the books balance. We have tried reducing the prices but to be fair we did not see the increases we had hoped to see. Let’s see how the new season goes and we will continue to monitor prices. Mark R
Euan Mcmorran
22/05/2012 14:20:00
dear mark am worried about players contracts a know we dont have a lot of money coming into the club but after craig reid was made a free agent ive been worried about other key players in the queens squad. also what was the reason for no new contract for craig reid he was a key player in the defence
Hi Euan. Unfortunately we are not in a position to offer players 2/3 year deals anymore; they are a thing of the past. I cannot discuss any individual players contract so therefore will not comment on the Craig Reid situation. Mark R
22/05/2012 19:21:00
Hi Mark, I would like to add another voice to the 16-19 season ticket offer. Having a son now in this age bracket he will simply not be able to afford to attend on any sort of regular basis have been attending since the age of 7. I also appreciate tje clubs ambition to bounce back to the first division, but Ayr United plan to do this too with their season ticket early bird priced at £190. A reconsideration on 16-19 years olds in this poor economic time will be essential to attract crowds to next seasons opposition. Regards. Gordon
Hi Gordon. I think we have now addressed this one. Mark R
22/05/2012 21:00:00
Early bird prices its a joke saving of £10 what sort of incentive is that for loyal supporters an injustice. and also to encourge old and new fans back to palmerston
Hi Brian. Sorry you feel that way. We believe we have done our best to try and support our loyal fan base but we need to make the books balance. Mark R
David Templeman
22/05/2012 23:38:00
Further to comments above, would it not be possible to offer some discount for 16-18/19s. I too believe it is fairly obvious that many fans of this age group are missing from regular attendance. These kids are just trying to get started in life in a very tough climate. This is one small group of fans where I believe lowering the price could make a small addition to the home attendance. Better to have them than not at all. On a more positive note I am delighted that junior blues are still £18.
Hi David. I think we have addressed this. Mark R
brian irving
23/05/2012 09:19:00
Hi Mark,I also agree with the others about the pricing for 16/19s as they are the future of the club.Could the club do a voucher type thing for example the ayr game where you get half price admission if youve been to previous three games,it was done last season.good luck to magic and the boys lets bounce straight back to 1st division will be bringing some mates up (sunderland fans)this season as i keep banging on bout queens to them
Hi Brian. I think we have addressed this. The more you bring along the merrier, I will even buy then a drink in the social club if you introduce them. Mark R
David Henderson
23/05/2012 21:24:00
Hi Mark. When attendances were starting to drop last season I did wonder what the main reason for that might be. So, wherever and whenever I could, I asked people who I knew had been going but had stopped. The overall impression I got was that folks just felt it was too expensive. Not enough value for money essentially. Now, I totally understand the thinking of maintaining prices so that, in theory, we can have a great chance of gaining promotion at the first time of asking. But, if the average attendance is lower than expected, which is a distinct possibility, and the projected revenue is lower then, I am not sure what the contingency for that is? Rhetorical question obviously, I am not going to get an answer here and rightly so. I don't know what the answer is to the question of perceived value for money is sadly but you have your work cut out, that's for sure. As one guy I spoke to told me that, even though his boy had a JB ticket, it still cost him £25 minimum (snacks prog etc etc)And his explanation was that effectively this was £50 for a 2 home game month. He chose his sky package instead.......So, as I say I don't know how you deal with that really. Anyhoo, I will be there!!
Hi David. It is a problem for us, how do you get more fans to come along and support the team. Well we tried dropping the prices last year and it did not work for us. We therefore have put together a model which works for us but will still have to be partly financed by Directors. We believe that if we start winning and play attractive football then the fans will come back. Mark R
24/05/2012 22:18:00
Hi Mark. Thank you for taking the fans view on the student season ticket on board and resolving an important issue very quickly. It is refreshing as a football fan to have your views recognised and acted upon by the board. Well done Mark and Queen of the Sourh.
Hi Gordon. You’re welcome. Mark R
24/05/2012 22:37:00
re season tickets and negative comments can an incentive be offered on the individual stubs for say half price tea/coffee/bovril during game or reduction in programme price or can budget not stand this
Hi Robin. I am afraid we cannot at this stage do anymore reductions until we see how the season goes. We will however keep review the situation. Mark R
Robert Piercy
25/05/2012 11:53:00
I have been a Queens fan since i was 13 years old i am now 31 and for the past 2 years have hardly been to any Queens games. I can not juistify spending the amount of money it takes to come to Dumfries from Annan to then pay myself and children in plus half time snacks and back to Annan again! I'm sorry to say the only games i can afford to go to now are in Annan!
Hi Robert. Sorry to hear that you no longer come along and see the Queens. However, if you make an effort to come along and see us this year I will personally pay for your entrance for the day at your 1st game. I am sure you will enjoy it much better than Annan. Mark R
Brian Murphy
28/05/2012 14:24:00
I have been a Queens fan since the age of 10 and have now hit the half ton, due to a recent accidenti have no real income and am on Disability and am affraid cant afford to come to games very often now.Is there no concessions for Disability.
Hi Brian. We have concessions tickets at the club which our office staff would gladly help you with your application. Mark R
John Howieson
28/05/2012 20:52:00
Hi Mark. It's great to see the signings AJ has made so far - especially with the emphasis on local youth. Judging by other people's comments on Doonhamers Mad, I don't think I'm alone in looking forward to next season with a degree of excitement and hope. Is there any news yet of when and where the pre-season friendlies are going to be?
Hi John. Now posted on the Official Website. Mark R
Eric Fisher
29/05/2012 09:36:00
I welocome the steady progress being made in preparation for the new season. It will be nice to see the hallowed turf at Palmy retsored to its former glory. Do you intend to enter Queens into the excellent Annan Tournament ? I would alos like to see Queens face up to some stiff pre-season friendlies at Palmy. Eric Fisher - Co - Editor - - Queens biggest Unofficial Fans Site -
Hi Eric. I think I communicate more with you than I do the wife!!!!!! Allan decides the friendlies and he has chosen the games against Clyde, Partick and Workington. I think he is planning another two which we hope to announce this week. Mark R
Adam Lawrie
29/05/2012 13:34:00
Has the Board considered the possibility of season tickets just for 3-8 games. It would possibly get people who have not watched Queens before and would like to see what it is like before forking out on a full season ticket. It would possible benefit those who do not have the money to buy a full season ticket and they could just buy in installments whenever they could. Another thought is a half season ticket. Sometimes people may have commitments to work etc, at particular parts of the year. This means that they do not want to pay for a season ticket for which they are going to be there for some of the time. It could be beneficial to those who don't get a season ticket right away and gives them an opportunity to purchase a season ticket later in the season.
Hi Adam. What we are looking at again is a half season ticket for this coming season. Mark R
Mark Seaton
30/05/2012 18:15:00
A thought for next season.With money being tight for most fans.would it be possible setting up a direct debit with the club.Starting in May 2013 fans paid £20 a month,so say taking next seasons prices as an example,by April 2014, £240 would of been paid.If say the prices were to be slightly higher,the twelfth month could be set accordingly. If starting in May the fans would of paid £60 for what could then be a quarterly season ticket,taking in August,September and October.Doing it this way the fan is always three months in front,and would stop anybody canceling their direct debit.A big problem in the past has been the Scottish weather.If it ended up we had to play 3 or maybe 4 home games in one month,on next seasons prices that would be £45 or £60,so i would say crowds would definatly drop.If the £20 a month was in place,the fans would know exactly what was coming out of their pocket every month,and i'm sure this could help.Any postponed games ticket would be valid for the re-arranged game as per normal,and not in another quarterly ticket.These three months where there is no football or hardly any,could be a big help for spreading the cost for a season. Lets hope for a quick return to the 1st Division,and to get that feel good factor back at Palmerston.
Hi Mark. I do not disagree with you. The only problem we have is the amount of time to administer the system. Some of our systems are old and need renewed. Unfortunately that will not be next season. Mark R
31/05/2012 16:38:00
The Future Is Looking Good. Onwards And Upwards. 2012/2013 SFL Division 2 Champions. Mon The South
Hi Dean. Thanks for your support. Mark R
Eric Fisher
02/06/2012 09:51:00
Silly me - the Annan Tournament has not taken place for a couple of years now. Looking forward to a trip to Workington ....
Hi Eric. I am glad you knew that as I did not. I will have beer with you in Workington. Mark R
john twiname
03/06/2012 15:43:00
hi mark i do hope things gow well next season, i cant see how q o s can aford to drop prices with keeping full time these fans that do dont live in this world we certanly doent want to be like rangers. the manager should look at stranrear who have 3 players worth watching malcom, mccolm,and aitken they have all played we last season and iam shure would fit in with his plans at the right price as they dident get promoted certenly worth alook i read every match report last year and they wear always in the head lines . just athought all the best for new season,it will be exciting no dought john twiname
Hi John. Thanks for your support. We do have people who watch other games and report back on any exciting players out there. Look forward to your continued support. Mark R
Andy S
29/06/2012 21:03:00
Hi, just like to wish Queens all the best for the new season and hope to be celebrating a great season with promotion at the end!!!!!! a cup run would be great too