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Welcome to the blog. Over the coming months I very much look forward to communicating with you on the progress being made at the club. The blog is set up to allow the fans to hear it first from the club and not in bars and clubs around the town. We as Directors are the first to put our hands up and say that communications last year left a lot to be desired. Hopefully this is a small step in rectifying the situation. As I have mentioned on public websites I am more than happy to take questions and will at all times endeavour to answer them but, you must understand that some matters have to remain confidential and stay in the board room until such times as they have been confirmed.

If you have any questions you would like to ask you can do so in the following ways :

  • add a comment to any blog post, using the "Comment" section at the bottom of each blog post
  • email me directly at
  • on Twitter, send a tweet, with #qosfcboardblog, or direct message to @officialqosfc
  • on Facebook, comment on one of the blog post status updates ( to find us)

Could I aso ask for patience when you post a question. The blog will updated on a regular basis and questions will be answered, on the blog, as and when the answers are available.

Mark Robertson - Director QOS

Onwards and Upwards.
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 15/04/2013 13:41:00
As many of you will know, I am stepping down as a Director at the end of the season. One of the things I was tasked with when I joined was to improve the communication between the club and the fans. This blog was a means of doing this. I hope you will agree that it has made a difference.
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Changes off the field and two big games to come on it.
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 22/08/2012 19:10:00

Satisfactory start to new season

We now find ourselves a few weeks into the new season and so far so good but early days. Good progress in the cups and a satisfactory start to the season which could have been much better had we taken 3 points last Saturday in Methil. The squad has a fresh ...

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Can’t wait to get started
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 28/07/2012 11:12:00

We cannot believe that the new season starts on Saturday, it only seems like yesterday we played the last game against Ross County. Allan and the boys were in Dumfries on Thursday training and also meeting the fans. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the fans who came along; I know they appreciate your suppo ...

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New Season - To blog or not to blog?
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 04/06/2012 17:28:00
New Season
As the new season gets closer the more excited we become. After last years disappointment there is a real air of optimism around the place and with the New Manager, we have high hopes. I personally learned a lot from last season as to how professional football works and will certainly not make th ...
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Update - Organisational Changes at the club
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 30/04/2012 14:05:00

Not a full blog post this time, but an update on recent changes at the club.

I note the fans comments re the organisational changes being made at the club recently and some could not be further fro ...

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Strips, shops and Trust
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 06/04/2012 15:43:00

Welcome to this months Blog. Sorry we have not posted for a few weeks but we were awaiting confirmation from the SFA / SFL on the future structure of youths going forward. Unfortunately we are still awaiting final confirmation and will meet with all concerned when the structure is confirmed. More comments on youth secti ...

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Ups and Downs
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 26/02/2012 19:00:00

Gus offered a new contract

As posted on the Official Website on Friday the Board has offered Gus a new contract for next season. I know some will question this strategy in our current position but we believe we have the right man to see us through these difficult times. I have stated many ...

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Moving Forward
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 02/02/2012 18:52:00

Latest signing

Great debut by big Sam. He really gave us some much needed presence up front. I think he will be a great asset over the coming months as we strive to climb the league. Gus is trying very hard to persuade a few that Dumfries is the place to come and play football. It ...

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Merry Christmas
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 21/12/2011 13:31:00

Post AGM
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the shareholders who attended the AGM recent in terrible weather conditions; it was much appreciated by the Board. It was my 1st AGM and did not know what to expect but came away from the Nith Hotel more determined than ever to ensure we turn ...

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Upcoming AGM
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 29/11/2011 12:42:00

By now I am sure you will all be aware that the AGM will be held on the 12th December, 7.30pm at the usual venue. I have been asked the question as to why it is at Glencaple and not at the club. The simple reason is that we felt we did not have enough room to hold it there. Big Jim Thompson di ...

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Accies, Youths and Raising Money
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 08/11/2011 19:46:00

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who was made the effort to contact me after my first “Board Blog” I have responded to all o ...

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Welcome to the first Board Blog
Posted in Board Blog by Mark Robertson on 26/10/2011 19:11:00

Welcome to “Board Blog”. This is the opportunity for both the Board and the fans to interact online to ensure good lines of communication. We were previously posting on the “MAD Website” but this was correctly challenged as to why we were not supporting the official website. This was taken on boar ...

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